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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cr~r. 182. 1912. 153 _ Forequipment for new pla ground for the Bloomingdale section, *“°°¤*¤•°•*• •••· including gradmgi fencmg, and so forth, to be immediately available, um" °¤e***:·;·a··**d°cr·—"¤; ..— 1. is .1 , or arres: er_ un an forty dollars- su or $·l·¤••- ten months, at oneklumdred and seventy-five dollars 'per month; directors, assistant directors, and watchmen, to be employed not exceeding seven months, as follows; Eleven directors, at seventy- five dollars per month each; two assistant directors at sixty dollars per month each; one assistant director, at fifty dollars per monthone watchman, at twenty-five dollars per month. To be employed not_exceed1ng three months, as follows: Seven assistant directors, at sixty dollars per month each; three assistant directors, at fifty dollars per_ month each; five assistants, at forty-five dollars per month each; mne assistants, at forty dollars per month each; two watchmen, at fortg-five dollars r month each; and eight watchman, at forty-five dollars per montllreach for twelve months; in all, seventeen WMD: aim nughouslalrrclll seven husldtriled and eiglgéy-iivg dollars, the ap&r·:priations act mm`. or w c urpose ter ai wholl out of revenues of the Distliict of Columbia. P y In all, for dplaygrounds, twenty-three thousand eight hundred and twenty—5ve ollus. Ifuauo oorgvmN:pNc¢in srarrous: For mainpenance of public con- mwx ¤¤¤v¤¤i¤¤¤• vemence stations, m uding compensation o necess em o ees, seven thousand five hundred dollars. uy P1 y Boaan ma counmqrarrou or msazcrrasr smmmes: For all "“§§'§"" """"‘ egrlenses necessary and incident to the enforcement of an Act entitled h%¤· M- v- W- " Act to create a board for the condemnation of insanitary buildings in the District of Columbia, and for other purposes," approved May first nineteen hundred and six, i11cludi§Spersonal services, when authorized bg the Commissioners of the trict of Columbia, two thousand Eve undred dollars. · · ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT. ,,,§,§{°“*°°‘ "°*’“"‘ Electrical engineer, two thousand five hundred dollars; assistant “"‘“’°'· electrical engineer, two thousand dollars; three electrical mspectors, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; inspector of lamps one thousand dollars; electrician, one thousand two hundred ollars; two draftsmen, at one thousand dollars each; three telegraph operators, at one thousand dollars each; three rnscpectors at nme hundred dollars each; expert repair man nme hun red and sixty dollars; four repairmen at nine hundred dollars each; telephone operatorsthree at seven hundred and twenty dollars each, four at five hundred and forty dollars each, one at four hundred fifty dollars; electrical inspector, two thousand dollars; electrical inspector, one thousand eight hundred dollars; electrical mspeetor, one thousand three hundred and fifty dollars; cable splicer, one thousand two hundred dollars; assistant cable splicer, six hundred and twenty dollars; cler·ks·—one at one thousand four hundred dollars one at one thousand two hundred dollars, two at one thousand one hundred and twenty-five dollars each one at one thousand and fifty dollars, one at seven hundred and iifrty dollars; assistant repair men—one at six hundred and twenty dollars, two at five hundred and forty dollars each· laborers-—one at six hundred and thirty dollars, two at five hundred and forty dollars each, one at four hundred and surtgrdollars two at four hundred dollars each; storekeeper, eight hun ed and seventyifrve dollars; inall,forty-sixthousand our hundred and nmety- A five dollars. For general supplies, re air-S, new batteries, and battery supplies. S"*"’"“'·°‘°‘ telephone rental and purdlrase, wire for extension of the telegraph