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156 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. %s. H. Ch. 182. 1912. i’¤*·“¤•¤*·¤•l* PUBLIC SCHOOLS. °•*¤*••~ Orncans: Supermtenden' t of public schools, five thousand dol- Oun lars; two assistant superintendents, at dollars each; dirioctor of instruptron, an supervrsoro manu ,£ft¤•¤m a amrmmnrn of two thousand two each; secretary, two thousand dollars; clerk, one thousand four hundred dollars; two clerks, at one thousand dollars each· clerk to carry out the provisions of the child—labor law mne hundred dollars; two stanographers, at eight hundred and iorty dollars each- messenger, seven hundred and ` twenty dollars; m all, fifty-two thousand seven hundred dollars. “""""“'°°“’“”· Arrurnanon orncnns: Two attendance officers at six hundred dollars each; attendance officer, nine hundred dollars; m all, two I I thousand one hundred dollars. Taaorrmrs: For one thousand seven hundred and fifty teachers, to ‘ _he as follows: _ _ _ _ _ Principals of normal, h¥h, and manual trarmng schools, nine in all at a minimum salary o two thousand dollars each; birzcgtcr of primarg0 n, at a mimmum salary of one thou- ° t Z Directors of music, drawing, physical culture, domestic science, domestic art and kindergartens, six m all, at a minimum salary of one thousand five hundred dollars each; 4 of 'tant ro instr·uction,ataminim1rmsalary one thousaudfour hunelied dollars; otsmtant directors of music, drawing, cultme, domestic science, domestrc art, and krndergartens, srx in all, at a minimum salary of one thousand three_hundred dollars each; Heads of departments in high and manual training schools in grou B of class six, twelve in all, at a minimum salary of one thousand nine hundred dollars each; _ Teachers of the normal, hrgh and manual training schools promoted for superior work, group li of class srx, seven in all, at a minimum salary_of one thousand mne dollars ;_ Teaehersin grou A of class six, including two principals of grade Mm manual trarmng s£ools, two hundred andmnghtgfour rn all, at a emma manual mrmmum salary of one thousand dollars : rovided, That all g':_"‘“"· °‘°· ‘°‘°"‘ teachers of manual trainr(n§, domestic science, domestic art, rnusrc, and phgrcal _ ture in e normal, high, and manual tmming schoo now rn the service of the u lic schools and . P N M hereafter to be appomted, shall be placed in class six, up A: Pro- ° "°°°“ mdedfurther, That no such teacher shall receiveasaggyless than mmmmh M that received at the time of the passage of this Act: Promkled 1-’ ¢¤¤¤r¢·r»por¤¤¤e¤¤. ther, _That hereafter no teacher of any of these subjects shalrllae appomted without like quahiications to those r uired of teachers of academic and scientific subgects in the schotgls, and that teachers of these subggcts now in the service of e public schools and those hereafter to appointed shall receive their longevity increame according to_therr previous number of years of experience in teaching in accredited normal, high, and manual high schools; Teachers rn class five, one hundred and eighteen in all, at a minim.’f..r so,11a.ry_ of ormefhunnred olnd fifty dollars each; eac ers rn c ass our, our undrcd and fourt mgm'- mum salary_ of eight hundred dollars each; Gm m au, at 8 Teachers rn class three, four hundred and eighty-eight in all at a mrgrmnlm salarn of six hutngredhandh fifty dollars each; , eac ersrncasstwo ee un edandt' ‘ minimum salary of six hundred dollars each ;hu·ty-Seven m au, at a