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164 SIXTY -SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 182. 1912. ` , t th dand t dollars ach;chiefclerk,one lt!llbPu?d;1i)dseizh(tnl(iund)r\b?dandoHus;a'¢§l1;r§‘i]one tgzrrsanld doll ;thirt tains thousand ourun oars eacl:§sthirty·rli-r::ell‘ile:ucte·I1iants his 3:: thousand two hundred dollars each; superintendent of machinery, two thousand dollars; assistant superintendent of machinery, one thousand two hundred dollars; twenty-three engineers, at one thousand one hundred and iftidollars each; twenty-three assistant errineers, at one thousand one undred dolllprs each; two pilots, at onet ousrmd one and ii£tyd1o&atr·s ·. mann engm ,a one · thousand one undredan dbcl1aist::ch;.tw<? marine engineers, at one thousand eng hundred dollars each· two marine firemen, at seven hundred and twent dollars each; thirty-nme drivers, at one_thousand one hundred and iihsy dollars each; thirty-nme assistant drivers, at one thousand one hundred dollars 6¤¤>l1; two hundred and nineteen prrvates of class two, at one thousand and eighty dollars each· forty-two prrvates of clam one at nine hundred an sixt dollars each; lrostler, srxhrmdred dollars ; laborer, four hundred eight dollars; m all, five hundred and forty-erght thousand and twenty dollars. i¤ l°°v` No member of the fire de artment shall, unless on leave of absence, 50 beyond the confines of the giptrict of Folumbia, or be absent from t 'th t permission· an eaves o a ce exceedm` g twenty I‘°"°°‘ °°°°°°°` dliyg anguone year shall be withoutgpsg, and require the consent of the commissioners, and such ar be from January first to December both ingnusive, and days shall be the ,, 2_' ‘°* term of total src leave rn any year without dis owance of pay; and leave of absence with pay o members of the iire desgtrnent of the District of Columbia may be extended in cases of ess or injury incurred in line of duty upon recommendation of the board of surns, approved by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, ¥:1?such periiotd] exceeding thirty days big any calendar year, as in the ` ent o e commissioners ma necemary. ` ’“”°°"“’°°“* ]u?rl§om.r:]1rso1g?: Ftgr repailrrh improvements to engine houses an un ,tw ve thousand oars; Frirgepaim to ?paratus and motor vehicles and other motor-driven ppparatus, and or new apparatus and new appliances, fourteen ousand dollars; For purchase of hose, fifteen thousand dollars; Ilior ue1,gii'teer; tihousangfdollagrl; d d U or urc aseo orses, teen thousand dollars; For lorage, thirty-two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; mdnmtexmn ger reprplrs and rmprovemlents oflthe fire; boat, one itgousaud {dollars ; _ orcon en expenses, orsesoe ,um1t , t ,` d- rcal and stable suplplres, harness, b1li1:cksmithfnr;,_gasurai.r:d0eleI::lt(i·ic wtrngh and alyards, and other necessary items, twenty-aix ousan dollars; d Iursrsll, one hundred and thirty thousand two hundred and fifty o .· ¤§r°£k' '”°` M"` t Irkcatrzaspé FIBEA plmualzruzurz For one aerial hook-and—|adder ruc n thousand o . · ¤l'¤.°i°"’"`”` °"’°` mlioph :1):; ur:iot1<:·1id·;·;wn combination ire `engine and hose Wagon, “°‘“·""’*""“'*°"‘· HEALTH DEPARTMENT. °°°"°" 8hHealth officer,_four thousand dollars; assistant health officer, who all be a physician, and dunng the absence sr drsability of the health officershall act as healt officer and discharge the duties incident .to that positron, two thousand five hundred dollars; chief clerk and deputy health officer, two thousand-five hundred dollars;