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166 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. C11. 182. 1912. rarmawn. ui ment and maintenance of the bacteriol `cal labora-

 ltihe purchase of reference books and screnltgriic journals,

_ sevenhun_ dollars. _ _ f Adm

 For contingent expenses incident to the enforcement od? th

regulate the sale of mrlk m the District of Eolulrlualuua, an _ ou oi _ purxoses, approved March second, eighteen un an plurtbygtgeé A¤¤¤¢¢¤·¤°¤ °' an ct relating to the adulteratron o foods and drugs rn e c ‘°`€%x?i•iliEi°i4°é. ssa of Columbia, approved February seventeenth, eighteen hundred ninety-e(1§)ht ; an Act to prevent the adulteratron of cand rndthe tnct of lumbra, approved May fifth, eighteen hundred an ninety- _ I-E¤f¢¤¤i¤¢P\¤¤i¤¤d ight; gn Act, for preventing the uranufacture, sale, DT iJl‘&¤S£>1‘t8·f»10¤ $61. ae, p. vas. o adulterated or mrsbranded or poisonous or deleterious foo , drugs, medicines, and hquors and for regulating traflic therdm, and for other purposes, approved Jiune thrrtreth, mneteen hundred and srx, one . uga;] ars. v raqagaag lair! thiipol. expenses of ins tion of dairy / farms, includi-lag hm-° amounts that may be allowed thelhosalth officer, and assistant heal officer, medical insupector in_charge_ of contagious-disease service, and inspectors assign to the rnspectron of dairy farms, for the rnarntenance by eac of a horse and vehicle, or motor vehrcle, for use in the discharge of hrs officral duties, not to exceed two hundred End glrrty dollars per annum, and other necessary traveling expenses, ve ousand five hundred dollars, or so much thereof as_may be necessary. ,,_,,""‘“*"',,,“,,, ""°' m Garfield and Providence hospitals: Ij`o1j isolating yards for minor contagious at Garfiel Memorial and Providence hospitals, maintenance, six thousand dollars and four thousand dollars, respecgvlugg or so much thereof as may be necessary; rn all, ten thousand o .

  • ’°"“° °’°”"""’· For maintenance, including personal services, of the public cremat { dl toriqy, one thousand five hundred dollars. _ _

0, mmm ,§,g:"‘ or treatment of ponds of stagnant water, for the creation or mam- -tenance of which the District governmentjs res marble, so as to prevent propagation of mosquitoes therein mcludpriig payment for personal services whennecessargs two hundred dollars. _ m°3@£°“ §g{‘°“° F3- ge preparatiun and glaiy, rn conrluectugnbemghltuhe of •¤· tion on `ene an emo a y, m e mw '°°°` trict of Columbia, in gg} tember, ninetgiingrundred and twelve, of an exhibit on behalf of the District of Columbia, including personal services when necessary and authorized in writing by the commissioners and for the subsequent care and preservation of said exhibit, one thousand dollars. COURTS. Court. ¤rg¤¤ ¤f ¤m>¤•1¤· re To pay the reporter of the court of appeals of the District of Colum- °°v¤i. az, p. sua. bia for volumes of the reports of the opinions of said court, authorized to be furnished by him under section two hundred and twenty-11ine of the Code of Laws for the District of Columbia as amended, July first, nineteen hundred and two twenty-two volumes, at five dollars each, namely, eleven copies each of volumes thirty-eight and thirty- nine, one hundred and ten dollars. · Pr¤¤•¤¤¤<>¢¤·=¤·¤· Pnonyrrox srsrnr: For probation officer Supreme Court, District of Columbia, one thousand eigllrt hundred dollars; probation officer, pohce court, District of Colum ia, one thousand Eve hundred dollars; assistant probation officer, pohce court, District of Columbia, one ghulusaud tm dolilagsihcgntmgent expenses, five hundred §‘{,',‘},Q°°°""~ botirirz For judig, three thousand six hundred dollars; clerk, two thousand dollars; e uty clerk, who is authorized to act as clerk in the absence of that ogrcer, one thousand two hrmdred dollars; chief probation officer, one thousand five hundred dollars; robatron officer, one thousand two hundred dollars; probation oililirer,