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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 182. 1912. · 171 For re airs and im rovements to build1ngs` and unda, one thousandlfive hundred dollars; · gm ’ For furnishing new dormitory and dining room, one thousand two hundred dollars; . _ Ffor additional amount for extension of colored men’s ·ward and of *°°*¤°¤¤ drmng room, six thousand dollars- For removal of two two hundred and iif ty horsepower boilers and an “§°gg;}gp}é•}_‘¤ electric generator transferred from the United Statm Capitol Building " to the ome for the Agoed and Infrm and installation of same at Blue Plains, District of lumbia, one thousand dollars; In all, for Home for Aged and Iniirm, fifty-one thousand eight hundred and seventy-two ollars. Narxouu. Taanmm Scnoor. ron Bore: For care and maintenance B,,’§§,F'{’§},$';,,,";',f'“‘”' of boys committed to the National Training School for Boy;3 the mfg- •*¢=· ¤* *¤· ` courts of the District of Columbia under a contract to be e by the Board of Charities with the authorities of said National Training Ehool for Boys, forty-five thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may necessary. _ Rzromr Scrroor. ron Grms: Sulpzrintendent, one thousand two G,Q."°f°"" “°*“"' “" hrmdred dollars; treasurer, six hun d dollars; matron, six hundred ¤•'¤*•· dollars; three teachers, at six hundred dollars each; overseer, seven hundred and twenty dollars; six teachers of industries at four hundred and eighty dollars each· ° eer sixhundred dollars; assistant engineer, four hundred and @2y dollars; ntigliggwawhman, four hrmdred and eighityodollars; two laborers, at hundred dollars each; in all, nine usand nine hundred and dollars; °¤¤,,",,¤,m___ For groceries, provisions,_ light, fuel, soap, orl, lamps, candles, clothing, shoes, forage, horseshoeing, medimnes, medical attendance, hack hire, transportation, labor, sewing machines, fixtures, books, stationery, horses, vehicles, hagness, gow? pigs, fowls, sheds, fe1:;c¢§, repairs, typewriting, steno , an other necessary items, inc u — w compensation, not excgleadiug three hundred and fifty dollars for _ drtional labor or services, for identifying and escaped mxgataai and for rewards for their réecapture, and or tranaporltiatron an o er necessary ex uses inci ent to securing suita e omes for paroled or dischargedegirls, not exceeding one hundred and fifty dollars, thirteen thousand dollars; _ For an additional building and plant to be connected with ‘°“"°"" existing buildings, including architect’s ees, under a contract to be made b&)the board of trustees, sixty thousand dollars; _ The mmissioners of the District of Columbia ar·e hereby directed ,,,R,,§,P,°§ ,$§,§‘§ to regcgt to Congress at the beginning of its next session whether or wsnot the is a necessity for the construction and operation the District of Columbia of a reform school for white girls; m this report the commissioners shall state what facilities now existin public or private institutions for the care of wayward white girls and the cost of their maintenance in such institutions, and shall also state the esltimated cost of constructing and maintaining a reform school for w °te . In amr Reform School for Girls, one hundred and two thousand nine hundred and sixty dollars. __ _ From and after the passage of this Act the Reform School for Girls ,,§,•g:, °P,.*j{f,‘},_': of the District of Columbia shall be lmown and designated as the Sc¤wl1¤¤·¤ir1• National Training School for Girls. rmmcar. cmuzrrms. “°“°" °’“"""" For the care and treatment of indigent patients under a contract ,_,_’”°"‘“”"‘ ”°'*"‘ to be made with the Freedmen’s Hospital y the Board of Charities, thirty-four thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary.