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SIXTYySECOND CONGRESS. sm. 11. cu. 182. mz. 173 dollars; three laundresses, at two hundred and forty dollars each; one farmer, one laborer, one_n1ght.watchman, three orderlies, and one assistant laundgyman, at three hundred and six dollars each; two ward maids, an four servants, at one hundred anti]? ht dollars each; in all, seventeen thousand one hundred and sixtyudollyars; . Fm- provisions, fuel, forage, harness, and vehicles and repairs to °°”°°'°°°°°°°’°”‘ sa;ne,_gas, ice, shoes, clothing dry oods, tailo {drugs and medical supplies, fumiture and bedding, kitchen uter1i25s, books and peri? odrcals not- to exceed fifty dollars, temporary services not to exceed anis] thousand dollars, and other necessary items, thirty thousand o ars; a For repairs and improvements to buildmgs' and unds seven hugdredandiftydollars; 4 d h f th gm i or necessary equi ment an su `es or e atholo 'cal laborato% six hundred audi for:tg—two dcillhrs; P gl all, for Tuberculosis ospital, forty-eight thousand five hundred and fifty-two dollars. cnru>-caamo ms-rrrurroiws. °""°’°'““"" _ or crm.mzm¤’s euannraxs: For administrative expenses, ¤,Tf,$,,‘{ °““°""" mcludrng egpses ir:-Gplacing and children, ci directory, F¤P°¤•••· ‘ purchase of ks of erence and periodicals not exceezng twenty- ve dollars, and all office and sundry expenses, two thousand five _ hundred dollars; t _ - For a5ent, one thousand eight hundred dollars; executive clerknone °"""" thousan _ two hundred dollars; , one thousand dollars; two placing oBcers, at mne hunched do each; investigating clerk, mne hundred dollars; one record clerk, and two inspectors, ’ at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; clerk, six undred and srxty dollars; messenger, three hundred and sixty dollars; in all, mne thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars; _ - _ For maintenance of feeble-minded children (white and colored), ¤,{§”’*""‘°'°°”"' sixteen thousand dollars; _ _ For board and care of all children committed to the guardianship °°"°· °‘°‘ of said board by the courts of the District, and for the teglporary care of children pending investigation or while from dplacé to place, with authority to pay not more an one thousan five hundred dollars to institutions adzudgled to be under sectarian control and not more than three hun dollars for burial of children dm ghlile under charge of the board, forty-two thousand five hun 0 ars· In all, for board of children’s guardians, seventy thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars. _ · M 'I`he disbursing officer of the District of Columbia is authorized to . ""‘°°'°°"""‘ advance to the agent of the board of childrens upon requisitions previously approved by the auditor of e Dl8tIlCi»0f Columbia and upon such security as may be required of said agent by the Commissioners of the District of olumbia, sums of money not to two hundred dollars at any one time, to be used for expenses in placing and diildren, traveling on omcial business 0 the board, an for office and sundry e , all such expenditurm to be accounted for to the accounting o of the District of Columbia within one month on itemized vouchers properly approved. _ I mm, I1u>Us·rn1ar. Hmm Scrroor. ron Cononzn Cmu>nzN: Supermtend· came cnt, one thousand two hundred dollars; matron of four hun- °'*‘,,_,;"',g"f,;_ dred and eighty dollars; two caretakers, two_ assistant caretakers, and one sewing teacher, at three hundred and sung; dollars each; two teachers, at four hundred and eighty dollars e ; manual traimng teacher, six hundred dollars; farmer, four hundred and eighty dollars;