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SIXTY·SEOOND OONGBESS. Sus. H. Ch. 355. 1912. 431 Printing, by direction of the Secretary of the Treasu% not covered and embraced in the appropriation for said bureau for t said fiscal year, instead of being covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts as lprovided by the Act of August fourth, eighteen hundred and V°‘·“·’·”'· eig ty-six (Twenty-fourth Statutes page two hundred and twenty- seven), be credited when received to the agpropriation for said bureau for the iiscal year nineteen hundred an thirteen. 1uscm.LaNm0Us onmcrs, ramasuar 1>m·.am·u1¤N·r. “"°°““°°"'- Paper for internal—revenue stamps: For a er for internal-revenue “"“""·‘ ’°'°““°· stamps, 1¤e1u¤1i¤gS£;ight, :80,000. P P _ To enable the ::3 of the Treasury to refund money covered v¤,$.a·:s.° into Treasury as int —revenue collections, under the provisions of the Act approved May twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and e` ht, $30,000. _ ·_ lhmishment for violations of mternal—revenue laws: For detecting ,,§,‘},“",{‘}“f,, §,',‘},*$Z and bringing to trial and punishment persons guilty of violating the *¤*¤¤¤¤ iwinternal-revenue laws or conniving at the same, including payments for information and detection of such violations, $140 000; and the Commissioner of Internal Revenue shall make a detailed statement to Congress once in each year as to how he has expended this sum, and also a detailed statement of all miscellaneous expenditures in tl; gureau of Internal Revenue for which appropriation is made in t `s ct. The Secret of the Treasury is authorized to use for,·and in con- ”"’°'°‘°{,,’*,”,,,”",L " nection withfntlrie enforcement of the laws relating to the Treasury m$¤“r2`¤l¤°wm1¢w·l- Department and the several branches of the public service under its control, not exceeding at any one time four persons paid from the appropriation for the collection of customs, four persons paid from t e appro riation for salaries and expenses of internal-revenue agents or from the appropriation for the oregoing purpose, and four persons paid from the appropriation for suppressinf counterfeiting and other crimes, but not exceeding six persons so etailed shall be em- limit ployed at any one time hereunder: Provided, That nothing herein ggmemll contained shall be construed to deprive the Secretary of the Treas- ° pry from making any detail now otherwise authorized by existmg aw. ~ C0¤tl.¤gGIlt expenses, Independent Treasury; For contiréent, gx- ¥`,£,E:_°l{;,§§;,;d:;i, pauses under the requirements of section thirty-six hun ed and R_sf',’Q,,_,,,,_,_·m y—three of the Revised Statutes of the United States, for the col- 1••*¢·P·¤"’· lection, safekeeping, transfer, and disbursement of the public money, for transportation of notes, bonds, and other securities of the United States, for salaries of special agents, and for actual expenses anmnnuem. of examiners detailed to examine the books, accounts, and money on hand at the several subtreasuries and depositories, including national banks acting as de ositories under the requirements of sec- _ tion thirty-six hundred and) forty-nine of the Revised Statutes of ’~‘-°··°°°·’°‘°•**'”“· the United States, also including examinations of cash accounts at mi§tS’ $150’00?' Id F f hgh h ld * iueomege or gem ecoin eo go coins:· orreco` eo t-w tgo coms iv in the _'l`r:§sury, to be expended under tire direction glgthe Secretary W M of the Treasury, as required b section thirty-five hundred and **·S··'°°·“"“· P·°” twelve of the Revised Statutes of the United States, $5,000. mm Recoinage of minor coins; To enable the Secretary of the Treasury ,,,,{‘,,°f_°""‘° °' ‘ to continue the recoiiiage of worn and uncurrent minor com of the. United States now in the Treas or hereafter received _ and to reimburse the Treasurer of the ullynited States for the difference between the nominal or face value of such coin and the amount the same will produce in new coin, $7,500.