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432 SIXTY·SEOOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 355. 1912. . ¤g_¤¤*¢¤¤¤·*¤*·°°*'*· Distinctive paper for For distinctive paper ,,§,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,_ for Igiyited Sitattizsecnmties, mcluding transportagcn, mt;a!v;1e(l;¤;gt§1;;f a an o necessary expenses, telinmoriths of not exceeding one register, two assistant registers, five conmters, five watchmen, and one skilled laborer, and expenses of officer detailed from the 'heasury $352,320. ,,,,°,';“"°" °‘ “°'"“°' S ecial witness of destruction of United States securities; For pay gf the repreimtative oalthe pngnthe on thetco tc; vgtness ghe tructi n vernmen 886 es a per ay M weliile acttiiduyimmloylzld, ${565. F ’ _ cl _ n um, ¤’¤°¤"‘P°'¤,L enses 0 natio currency: or e paper m udmg trgigorteticn, traveling, mill, laundry, and othernecmary expenses, and enses of officer detailed from the Treasury, salaries or not moreexan two months of not exceeding one register, two assistant ilefisteiséoigve counters, five watchman, and one skilled laborer; in , $59, . °“'°'”¤*·°“* F Oanceli%§'nit?d States securities enudd cutting distinctive or xtra es or cutting' ee sharpemng’ same; belt'6 , new dies and punches, repairs to machinery oil, cotton mg . . waste, and_other expenses connected with the cancellation of rect deemed United States securities $200. .,..°§'§°°;,,{,,_ '"""°"" Oustoddy of dies, rolls, audnplatesz For pay of custodian of dies, rolls, an _ plates used at the ureau o ving and Printing for the prmting of Government securities, y: Two custodians, one at $2,000 and one at $1,800 ; three distributors of stock, one at $1,600, I one at $1,400, and one at $1 200· in all, $8 000. I0°°’"°,, ‘"°“"‘ For operating force for public bmldmgs: {For the pay of such peri°!°°` sonaloservices as the Secretary of the Treasury may deem necessary ?mconnectio3 wglh thm, maintenance, ag; repair oaf (all public d.1§€uner eco o e‘I'reasury men ex t herein cir pripvided), toge:Lier with (tihef grounl;dTth;:)1i1eo€)\;a(£i§l til; eqmpmen an_ furnishings erein, an o sites o ' dings ,$,‘$l,{_“§,$,']'°°°""‘ mcluding assistant custodians, janitors, watchmleritulalilorers, and charwomen; engmeers, firemen, eleyator conductors, coal passers, elecplncnaxjldgiapno tenders, laxzrpistshtznd and fpr (1211; mec smc a r orcemconnecmnwr said u' ¢s, incu ' carpenters, lumbers, steam iitters, ma. hinist , d t , b t ' no case shall the rates of compensatiotii for iudlil mggllilignigal lib; ` force be in excess 0* the rates current at the time and in the place {g;ydQ;·nm'u,m where_s¤ch serviqes_are euflployed, _$2,500,000: Promkled, That the nausea. foregoing appropriation sha be available for use in connection with all lpublic buildmgs nmder the control of the_'l‘reasury Department, mq; udipg the custoxalhouse Vli;\aElh1ngt0n,hIi)Ilst;·1ict of Columbia, but no nncudmganyo erpu_ c _ wif t Disft fCol - ca I _ Emmy Exe, alpd cis umvie of mags: h0§ , quet3·}ntii1e stailtioxib, rniiilg, "°° * rancmxngiuassao es: ground rther,Thth ft, umm unless otherwise profde by lamuwheneve: thergecgtary of the Treasury IS authorured to secure temaporary quarters for gre :se°pfr1§•e oiicnzzlgepggding the teration, improveen , airs or e rem , ‘ , mm a, my pubué an · at · tE°i‘i“i$"?°‘3“s°’ °“’°‘§°` the control of the 'I‘reas partlh€gi1€, inclu?iin,¢?l:lie cugtbcriihudilsir Waslnngton, District of lum_is, but exclusive of any other build; mgs m the of Columbia, the appropriation for "Operating force fgkiilpulgiq blllliiltllgsn spalll be available, if necessary, in connecionwr ceampo nmsotepremisesasmabe tedf, occiupnei by, such 0Ec1als,_m the same manner, fol? the §¤?ze puiggiostg

11:8 glsgirxéntent as if the tltl`8 to such premises were vested in