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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. sm II. cn. ess. -1912. 433 Furniture and repairs of furniture: For fumiture and repairs of wF;¤¤¤¤ ·¤¤ N- same, carpets, and gas_ and electric light fixture, for all public build- LEE, exclusive of marine hospitals, mints, branch mints, and assay · 0 ces, under the control o the Treasury Department, and for fumrture, carpets, gas and electr·ic fixtures or new buildings, exclusrve ojlpersonal services, awt for work done by contract, $800,000. `And furmtpre now own why the United States in other public buildings and in buildings ren by the United States shall be used, so far as practicable, whether it corresponds with the present regu-` lation plan for fumiture or not. 0 H un Operating supplies for public buildings: For the purchase of fuel, rK°si?1$£'?°»?.m, steam, l` ht, water, water meters, ice, hghting supp °es, electric cur- °"§,,,,_ ,,_ ,,»,,_ rent forldrghting and power purpom, tele hone service for custodians’ forces, removal of ashes and rubhi£ snow and ice, cutting grass and weeds, washing towels, and so fo and for miscellaneous rtems for the use of the custod1ans’ forces in the care of public buildings and the grounds thereof, and in the care of the equi ment and furnishings in such buildings; and for miscellaneous supplies for the operation (not including repairs) of the mechanical equipment, including heating, hoisting, ventilating and lumbing systems and apparatus, and electric-hgh plants for public buildings under the control of the '1‘reasu ent, inc uding new buildings and the customhouse at ashmgton, District of Columbia, but not including any other public bu ding within the District of Columbia, and exclusive of marine hospitals, quarantine stations, mints, branch mints, and assay offices, $1,550,000. And the appropriation herein made for gas shall include therental and use of gas governors, when ordered by the Secretary of the Treasury in writing: Provided, That no sum shall be paid as rental for such gas governors greater than thirty-five per centum of the actual value of the gas saved thereby, whic saving shall be determined by such tests as the Secretary of the Treasury shall direct. _ During the fiscal year nineteen hrmdred and thirteen the Secretary ”fvQc*;¤¤•**¤ ¤‘¤¤¤ of the Treasury) is authorized, out of the appropriations "Operatrng rnmiaamgsmmm supplies for pu lic buildings" and "Oper·atrng force for public build- ’°""‘°'"°°'°’· ings," to fumish steam for the operation of pneumatnc tubes of the postal service, as heretofore, and to pay employees m the production of said steam, as heretofore, the proceeds SlBF1V_6d from the sale of said steam to be credited to said appropriauons in proportion to the amounts expended therefrom. _ _ Suppressing counterfeitingland other crimes: For expenses mcurred mgjygmig °°“¤· under the authority or wit the apiproval of the Secretary of the Treasury in detecting, arresting, an delivering into the custody of the United States marshal having jurisdiction ealers and pretended dealers counterfeit money an persons engaged in counterfeiting Treasury notes, bonds, national-bank notes, and other S00\1l’lu$_0f the United States and of foreign governments, as well as the coins of the United States and of foreign vemments, and_ other felonies committed against the laws of the lgiited States relating to the pay and bounty laws, and for no other ur-pose whatever eirtrfpt in the protection of the person of the l;i·es1dent— of the Um _ Statm, $135,000: Provided, That no part of this amount be used m defray- yggu ing the expenses of an person subpcenaed by the United States courts to attend any before a United States court or_prel1.mmary examinatmn before any United States commisioner, wh1ch expenses M p_ M ghall be peg; from the appropriation for "Fees of witnesses, mted tates cou ." No part of any money appropriated by this Act shall b9 \§¤¢d in .gsP§h?r°ii:rii<fii••r¤.?m payment of comppnsatron or expenses of any person or transferred from e Secret Servicer Division of the Treasury Depart-