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434 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sam. II. Ch. 355. 1912. ho t timedu.¤uE' theiiscal yearnineteen hundred ?;l§tt;li)ii·t:en lI11:ge“be·dgenmloyed y or under said Secret Service ¤··¤¤¤· ¤*¤· Land]; and other prupctjy of the United States: For custody, care, rotection, and expenses o sales of and other property of the

aritziites,     of titles, recording o deeds, advertising auc n s ess $300.

g},§§§’,'§’,,,Q,;°‘,'L?1,_ B"' To enable the Secretary pf, Treasury to pay to the Intemational ¢¤¤¤¤*>¤¤¤¤· Intigation Conyess, to assist in defraying the exfeusm of the twengeahannual meeting gp said bO:tngress, taghbe hel ws;1;1Sa}lt L£_k;iC1ty& t encing tem tlurtne' nine un an twelve, · ’ c¤a¤¤··¤v¤¤e — cusroxs smzvnm. _ · °°“°°“¤¢°“"°'”' T defraythe ofccllectingtherev fm custo ·

 ml $4,6%0,000, being §ditioual to the permanent a£°;:;>riaI1:ibn for  

neateeaudimpgagsmefor theiiscalyearending une ,·mneteen hundred QE-;} ,,,;,0, thirtem. Andth•prov1smnsof theAct ofliarch third, eighteen ¤aAu;:¤.m' " hundred and_seventy-nme (Twentieth Statutes, page three hundred " and eighty-six), aildaigaeuded by Agt of April twentysleventhi umeteen our · tat tes and ninety-six), authorizing the oiuthe’ d out of the appropriation for defraying the expunee of the revenue from customs such amount as he may deem necessary, not exceeding 8150,000 per annum, for the detection and prevention of ftlauds upoxtlgne customgorgzenue, are h:1r¢;bytqa:·ther amended so as increase amount so expend Eseal nineteen hundred and to 8200,000. or ym o e m is t te r*····»»»»»»» St.m“f tr. 6% St.t.· .r‘¥,2.r§E§’t*.§Z€.*& °‘t£"° Rd Q;

 June t1r1¤1qth,¤1¤eet¤ nmamema ummm. °i mm r

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_ °’ The Rresident is authorized to reo the customs service and dai}; M ¤· cause estimates to be submitted th account of the fiscal year nineteen hundred fourteen bringing the total cost of said service £‘}'»°fB‘%’°»i.1`Z‘m"3’?{¤2 Z`?. ’i’.T»3‘t°§°£.?“‘¤xpm°‘°§;‘3’°r£° *‘?“‘°°" r 1 u 0 61*8 0 '°°’°°"°""°““"'· account of, the current year nineteen hundred and twelveli (iii making such reorganization and reduction in expenses he is authorized to abolish ouconsohdate collection districts, ports, and subports of entry and dehvery, to discontinue needless offices aud employ- ments, to reduce excessive rates of compensation below amoimts fixed by law or Executive order, and to do all such other and further e·`~··········*·=··*···· ··· 2R,'£€?£.‘Z’€¥v‘§‘.'L‘§£?.’fiE°?£t'?rZ%’jl°?,?2§€$°1?§¥B’,;’ é‘;‘2§‘?§“$°’g““‘“‘*‘ zation shall be communicated to Congress at its next’relgu1axi·e(¢ier§s8ilcih and shall constitute for the Bscal ear nineteen hundred and fourteen and until otherwise provided by Cbngress the permanent organization Mmmuc mm oféohsl cuixtoms service. _ The Balances available. C 88 Ol' CDS Z me W made by azesg. M x::?":2:2:.?,*:,*::m£r22e*m teen hundred and six an by the dehgiency Act approved June twenty-fifth,_mneteen hundred and ten, for construction and instalk:;:;·::;;;*::°2:*t::*?..m:;;:,.:·;&;:°2:&1$g.;°·‘:e’°*rt&i.%“¤g-mmof entry under dixiection of the Secretaryliii tlieaTreasui·_;*r1i)su:l1¢ii·•elbt’8 Fmm-mount continued and made available for expenditure during the ’fiscal yea;

 and thuteen, together with the further sum of

com emu. CQ) ·“‘¥m°P‘“'P°“°·.. . ·

,,,,,,g’,§‘;§$¤,_ _ _ !PP¤P¤¤¤0¤_1¤ hw of m01et1es
For compensation in lieu of

moieties m certam cases under the customs revenue laws, $50,000.