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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. 437 For reipairs to buildings, shops, and sheds, including all necessary K°P•*¤ labror an material, $10,030; ml ds or ostage stamps an foreign pos car , $500; *’°°‘°€°· In aH, for the National Museum, $412,500. National Zoological Park: For continuing the construction of ro ads, ,,g;**°¤¤l Z°°l°¤*•=•l walks, bridges, water supply, sewerage, and drainage; and for grad- ` mg, planting, and otherwise improving the grounds; erecting and repairing buildings and inclosures; care, subsistence, purchase, and transportation of animals; including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees; and general incidental expenses not otherwise provide for, in udin purchase, maintenance, and driving of horses and vehicles required ior official purposes, not exceeding $100 for the purchase of necessary books and periodicals, payment in advance or subscriptions, an exclusive of architect’s fees or compensation, $100,000; one half of which sum shall be aid from the revenues of mwlum m'°-M ¥lTre_Di:t§ict of Columbia and the other half) from the Treasury of the mte tatcs. · Hereafter all plans and specifications for the construction of build- m:,1’{§5°{,°;;{§2°l1°` ings in the National Zoolo 'cal Park shall be prepared under the supervision of the municipzgll architect of the District of Columbia, and all plans and specifications for bridges in said park shall be prepaul unger the supervision of the engineer of bridges of the District o o um 1a. . For the construction of a rough stone faced or bowlder bridgle across c,EZig‘°,${f§Z Rffli Rock Creek to replace the (present log bridge on the line of the road- B°°"· way from Adams [ill Roa entrance and Cathedral Avenue, $20,000; D_ , one half of which sum shall be paid from revenues of the District of ,§Z;.li,e{{°m lmm Columbia and the other half from the Treasury of the United States. INTERSTATE CONHVIERCE COMMISSION. For salaries of seven commissioners, at $10,000 each, $70,000. B°1""°”‘ For salary of secretary, $5,000. For all other authorized expenditures necessaryl in the execution E,’,§2'f,',§°{’{',3,.,,,,,,,,1_ of laws to regulate commerce, $1,000,000, of whic sum not exceed- ewing $50,000 may be expended in the employment of counsel, and not exceeding $3,000 may be exapended for the purchase of necessary books, reports, and periodic s, and not exceeding $1,500 may be expended for rinting other than that done at the Government Printing Office and) not exceeding $65,000 may be expended for rent of R°“°‘ buildings in the District of Columbia. 'l`o further enable the Interstate Commerce Commission to enforce ,,,E'{,g‘?',T,'f,‘Z‘,,..¥§i°°°°' compliance with section twenty of the Act to regulate commerce as wnglgg-P·m= V°'· amended by the Act approved June twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred ` ' and six, including the employment of necessary special agents or examiners, $300,000. Arbimuns mn", To carry out the objects of the "Act concerning carriers engaged arermnces. _ in interstate commerce and their employees," approved June first, V"l‘°°‘*"°"‘ eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, $10,000. Bmw mm, W To enable the Interstate Commerce Commission to keep informed prraneesj regarding and to enforce compliance with Acts to promote the safety 2,Y§l‘,§,Q· %§1§¤Y°Q of employees and travelers upon railroads, including the employment gg; VOL 36- PP- 2*- of inspectors, $150,000. ,0c0mm,ve m_ For the payment of all authorized expenditures under the provi- 'ginesmd bones sions of the Act of February seventeenth, nineteen hundred and e even, V°l‘ 3°· "‘ m‘ " to promote the safety of employees and travelers upon railroads by compelling common carriers engaged in interstate commerce to equip their locomotives with safe and suitable boilers and appurtenances thereto," including such stenograpljc and clerical help to the chief inspector and his two assistants as the Interstate Commerce Com-