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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. C11. 355. 1912. 439 select and have patented to it, in compensation for said grant, an equal area of any of the_unoccupied, nonmineral, untimbered public lands subject to entry within the State of Wyomi.r§. Water system, Schofield Barracks, Territory of awaii: From the H,s,°}f,_°'“ °"`“°"'• unexpended balance of the appropriation for “Water and sewers at wmuyram. military posts," fiscal year mneteen hundred and twelve, there is $T,°1_`§_°{,'}{'¤‘§{j hereby reappropriated and made available during the fiscal year

 June thrrtreth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, for the construction of the water tem for the military reservation and post of

Schofield Barracks, instlile Territory of Hawaii, the sum of $175,000, or the entire unexpended balance, if less than that sum. . F nu V Fm Meme, vggrmz wm: mas, me sewer; For repair md »é’.,°$°a..‘;... maintenance of wh , includingall necessary labor and material there- ’°"°'· for, fuel for waiting rooms, and water brooms, and shovels, $1,400· repairs to apron 0 wharf, including all necessary labor and therefor, $4,155; wharcdnger $900; four laborers, $1,920; in all, $8,375; for one—third of said sum, to besupplied by the United States,$2,791.66. ’ wm“`m Repairs and operation of roads, pavements, streets, lights, and gen- mm eral police: For rakes, shovels and brooms; repairs to roadway, pavements, macadam and asphalt block· repairs to street crossings; repairs to street drains, $2,170; six laborers cleaning roads at $480 each; in all, $5,050; for two·thirds of said sum, to be supplied by the United States, $3,366.66. · sum ` Maintenance of sewer system: For wmte, oil, and boiler repairs, W"' sewer pipe, cement, brick, and suppllies, $2 100; two engineers, at $900 eac ; two laborers, at $500 eac ; in all: $4,900; for two-thirds of said sum, to be supplied by the United-Stats, $3,266.66. rm mm wm Roadway conveyed to of Seattle, Washingt0n.—The Secretary xmanyggnmm of War is ereby autho ° and directed to conve to the city of “°"“°· Seattle, Washington, all the right and title of the United States in and to the Government roadway leading from the east boundary of the military reservation of Fort Lawton, at M@olia Bluff, ad'oimng said city, to a wharf site in said pity, upon the condition that the roadway so convgyed shall be kept open and maintained without cost to the United tates as a pub c street of the cg? of Seattle. _ _ J in h The extension of Saint Claude Street ew_Orleans, Louisiana.-— ;,,‘° ° ‘ The extension of Saint Claude Street, oi the city of New Orleans, m ‘,§g§;“w“§e%:'°,;g the State of Louisiana, along and through the property of the United luna States known as the military reservation of Jackson Barracks is hereby authorized, said extension to be of the same width and a continuation of the same lines as said street has to the west side of said military reservation, upon condition that the said street shall be improved and maintained without cost to the United States as a public street of the cit§ of New Orleans. Nmomlcmmfm arrornr. cnurrmnrrs: For maintaining and improving national mnemrm. ' cemeteries including fuel for superintendents, pay of laborers and other employees, purchase of tools and materials, $120,000. _ suwmmdem 6For pay of seventy-six superintendents of national cemeteries, ana, p. m ' $ 2 760. . _ lieadstones for graves of soldiers; For continuing the work of fur- mil-?:°:§`: M W mshingi headstones of durable stone or other durable maternal for unmar ed graves of Union and Confederate soldiers, sailors, and marines in national, post, city, town, and village cemeteries, naval cerne- _ teries, at navy tylards and stations of the United States, and other burial ,,,x,‘°fL,,{Z··}{;,?§',_* gg; places, under e Acts of March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-· thtee, February third, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, and March ninth, nineteen hundred and six, also for continuing the work_of fur- Cmmm nishing headstones for unmarked ves of civilians interred m mt ver as, p. ren; vos. cemeteries under the Acts of Aprilrtlwenty-eighth, nineteen htm “* " 7*1* and four, and June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and six, $75,000. 87618°—v0r. 37-rr 1-30