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440 S1XTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. II. Ch. 355. 1912. is man Ra airing ad to tional cemeteries: For repairs to roadnw w “F- wayspto natioriial Ziihiiterzigs which have been constructed by special P¤M•··•· authority of Co , $12,000: Provided, That no railroad shall be »£$$I°»]·ivi.ts°kia°Z¤».hy permitted u n lie right of wa which may have been acquired by the United States to a cemetery, or to_encroach upon any roads or wallrs constructed thereon and maintained bi the United ’~°°”’°“°'* States: Provided further, That no part of this_sumsh be_used for repa.u·mg any roadway not owned by the United States within the cum Hm cm} mmm l1m1ts_of c1ty,‘town, or _ I f ic, P, or White _ Cemetery, Penney vama. The Secretary o ¤•l°°*‘*°"— War is hereby authorized and directed to sell for cash, by advertisement or private sale, sm in his judgment may subserve the mter# ests of the United States, and to make the require conveyance, all the right, title, and interest of the United States m and that certain parcel of land situate on the northwesterly side of China. Hall §ublic road leading to Bristol, ur the township of firstol, coiinty of uclzi State vama, con one acre, more or ess, convey to_tlre(llni;i1dm&lates by d rge Randall and wife, dated the tbirueth day of hundred and mxty-four. _ _ ,°r*¤¤*"°¤·*·**· Cave mu cemetery, amine, Keamcgygmaiss of siemens ¤§·g,*;·,;*;_ °* ·°*”· z Ifor the purchase of land in ave Hill Cemetezalpt M- rare §s*ss·:·; i;*··zt.'··t%:£n‘s;r,;°&;5*·s.€···1·»¤.,...,,.;*· ‘ bn. m 3 3 8 , I , comm That the amount of land herein to purchased and the pvrice paid therefor shall be within the discretion of the Secretary of ar. """"'""‘j°"‘""?*"' N art fauy pnatao' 'nhereinformtionalcemeteriemorthe annum repatiriiif r<i)adways·Pth:i·eto be uin the of _ more an a single ap ro any n . .§,,“"“,,, ‘{‘ _“"”‘°"° B rial of indigent soijdiersz For expenses of burying m the - D C tson Ilifaitiiginal Ce15etery, or in the ce_·?1eteries of the District pif (fplutrgié ia, ` entex— nionsoldil ,ex ors,orex-marineso the ni Stat: service, either regular or volunteer have been houorably discharged or refered and who d1e in the Zbistuct of Columbia, to be iiisbumgdbby-iat;h tary of EVM, at adcost not exc‘eed;ng $:5 orsuc u esmeae case,exus1veocoso e ,,E,‘,¥,,{_'°m me §é000, 0!.;6g3lf Oawhich sum shall be paid out of the revenues gilfathe ' tri t 0 um ia. •¤B•`irfi1°m‘ii¤ac°°f°°` Heriafter persom dying in the District of Columbia or in the im- ’ °°’“”'*°“'· mediate vichiihy thereof who have served in the Confederate Armies during the Ci War may be buried in the Confederate section of the Arlington National Cemeteg without additional expense to the seen-o , m eera eeranso e nc E,‘§°°"vS"`2°°° L‘é’°‘t°”&§°'éQ¤'i°3° °i€“t*"€ N“‘“*"}”ét°‘i§s'i"”‘i’°‘} Promo Columbia, that such ersons are entitled to burial under the authorigy supervision, em. herein given: Prmridgd, That all such interments shall be under the Aminam Mme supervision and subgect to the approval of the Secretary of War. atm. _ Antietam battle field: For repair and preservation of monuments, R°P“”· °‘°· tablets, observation tower, roads, and fences, and so forth, made and constructed by the United States u n public lands within the Bupmmudeut lmivits of the Antietam battle field, near Sliarpsburg, Maryland, $3,000, or pay of superintendent of Antietam attle field, said superintendent to perform his dut1es under the direction of the Quartermaster’s Dep$rtment_ and to be selected and appointed by the Secretary of ar, at his. discretion, the pxerson selected and appointed Intemeuz eg" of to piggttiprgftiicllga an honogbly disizdiargedgiiion soldfer, $1,500. rengggnga 0 cm, Dlspos _ ams o o_ cens, so ers, C1 ian U . , d '°“‘ · ‘° so forth: ror the expenses of interment, or of prepamiiaiiiii (:ih?leir:1i1s— gortation tg their homes or_to such nationalnemeteries as may be esxgnated y proper authority, m the discretion of the Secretary of