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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. II. C11, 355. 1912. 441 War, of the remains of officers, including ac assistant srugeons and enlisted men of the Army active list; foiuige expenses of inter; ment, or of preparation and transpprtation to their homes of the remains of civil employs: of the rmy in the employ of the War Departpnentil who die a fad, inclrpsirge of Alaslpraé or gn trans- R 1 I ports; ort e expenses o remova 0 remains m a an on osts °"‘°“ ’ '°”‘ to permanent military posts or national cemeteries, includinpthe Imdmdwmm remams of Federal soldiers, sailors, or marines interred in fielgls or abondoned ppivate and city cemeteries; and in any case where the expenses of urial or shipment of the remains of officers or enlisted men of the Army who die on the active list are borne by individuals, where such exppnses would have been lawful claims against the Government, reim ursement to such individuals may be made of the ,,,{§f§,"_;§’_',,“,_"”"”* °° amount allowed by the Government for such services, to be paid out of the funds aglpgropriated by this Act, but no reimbursement shall be made under Act of suc expenses incurred prior to the irst day of July, nineteen hrnmdred and ten $57,500. Confederate Mormd, Oakwood Cemetery, Chicago: For care pro- c§f¤¤§_j*·g*¤ ¥°¤¤¤· tection, and maintenance of the plat of ground known as "Confederate ’ ` Mound" in Oakwood Cemeteg, Chicago, $250. ‘ Confederate burial plats: or the care, tprotection, and mainte- ,;,°&_"°°°°"‘°° mm nance of Confederate burial plats owned by e United States, located °•*°· *¤=· and known mhe following deséggnationsz Confederate Cemetery, North Alton, ois; Confederate metery, Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio; Confederate section, Greenlawn Come Indianapolis, I.n- diana; Confederate Cemetery, Point Lookou d; and Confederate Cemetery, Rock Island Illinois, $15250. _ Monuments or tablets in Cuba and China: For repairs and ,,,{§°,:,,“"§$§’,§,‘°;¤'§ preservation of monuments, tablets, meds, fences, and so forth, made Wm and constructed by the United States in Cuba and China to mark the places where American soldiers fell, $1 000. Um mr A x Burial of deceased indigent patients: The unexpended balance of sm-th or iuaiggm the a ropriation made or the fiscal year nineteen hundred and ggfggggfgf °‘ eleve1i)i)or expenses of burying in the Little Rock, Arkansas National gse osgmzniie. Cemetery, including t rtation thereto, indigent ex-soldiers, ex- °‘ "‘ ‘ sailors, or ex-marines of the United States service, either regular or volunteer, who have been honorably discharged or retired and who die while patients at the Army and Navy General Hospital, Hot Springs, Arkansas, to be disbursed by the Secretary of War, at a cost not exceeding $35 for such burial expenses in each case, exclusive of cost of grave, is hereby reappropriated and made available for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen. ‘ xarrorun MILITARY mums. "““"’ ’““ Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Park: For continuinlg the C${{§§‘.,`2§3° °°° establishment of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National_ ark; for the compensation and expenses of three civilian commissioners, maps, surveys, clerical and other assistance, including $300 for necessary clerical labor under direction of the chairman of the commission, office expenses, and all other necessary expenses; foundations_ for State monuments; mowing; historical tablets, iron and bronze; iron gun carriages; for roads and their maintenance; the lpurchase of small tracts of lands heretofore authorized by law; in al , $57,060. Shun Shiloh National Military Park: For continuing? the work of establishing a national military park on,the battle fi d of Shiloh, Tennessee; for the compensation of three civilian commissioners and the secretary, cleric and other services, labor, historical tablets, maps and surveys, roads, purchase and transportation of supphes and materials, office and other necessary expenses, $27,000.