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442 l SIXTY·SEGOND CONGRESS; Sess. H. Ch. 355. 1912. h e••¤·~·¤•· A (3,gex¤b¤rgN•tmndPuk. Forcloutnnumgt _ for tga wq thsnationalparkatGcttylb\ug, ¤¤¤¤y}Y•¤1·¤_ _ ,_ d ,t·in_ · gflnnds, surveys, and 3 mm; xlycmdhglines Jr battle with tablets shd guns each_tahlet bearing a l giving historic facts, and 00l11¥li6d without cens1u·e and without prabe; the features 0 the battle field and the monuments thereon; providing for a suitable for the commissioners in Gettiybburg; compensation of three 0lVi]J8D·00mmIB· sioners, clerical an other services, expenses, and labor; andpreparstionoftabletsandggmeamagesandplaomgthemm S v··~··-· "’°°‘*"§t‘“° 'i:"¥"’.T»@»- · ‘”¤$"i“¤'.»? ‘$§f§.'§§’g“§..“%2¥£‘°: ‘ th: lgicksburg ational.l|3litar_£,rP•rk; for the compensationhg three oommin£s;•i>ners;_ ofcgleergal and · moun guns ments., mark¢::s!f(r1 blets torical facth, com- Kiled without praie and without censure; maps, surveys; roads; ridges, restoration of earthworks, purchase of lands, pmchase an transpcrtationootg supplies and materials; and other · necessary mm assume:. mg-: ,qxpq;d9d balance not $5 959, of the appropnai';°é¤wam°" bt tion :fu:150,000 for the Uhion h_ reappropnated Y°'·· "`"°“ ggyd mad:1$vaiIableforbr0n:eportraita,witheran1te pedmtah,0f ~

 b E8l'68ft81' °° |]S8th01’ !liD.Ll!I9lI1•

•.,¤»u•¤¤·¤¤. bership of the several commissiom ahamof national military .H""’.u .£""‘L“°‘ "; &‘.?'3;..."“" "‘°.»...,,‘“"°’ ‘*‘ · %?2‘;°m¤¤m*“”“·¤'?.3‘i%‘l evo eu _ _ ,Q",,,,’Y"’,;;,,,,w,,.,,, eachofsaid a1?l:)s: tasvacanc1esoccurhcreundertl1e be muh.: of ¤¤¤=· Secmurryt;f1%Vat;sfl:)uaH e:°oE;no_s:hm&mber of the commis- ‘ ‘ ac wr e remaming commisgiggegzi comvdiisdonmqumdrihsguo ofdthetiraméation 0; allzh the offices ' f ` n ereuner eutnesosu commas- , gioiioshall tl ge°p:1$:1`:rned_under the direction of the Secre-

  • ¤g*¤••‘ °°""‘ my of Wu. mmm mccmnzn nnranrnm

M I n '•“"'*,m,,*’_,,""""'·" W k f b ttleshi M : A thorit is hereby granted to the ¤¤n¤¤¢r••¤:·:¤=~°¤ Secreryry (bf Vlar to Inluthbmrige thetgaydient, out of agalpropriations heretofore made for the removal of e wreck of the bat eshnp Maine from the harbor of Habana, to the omcer of the of Engineers, United States Army, assigned to statnon and duty m Habana, Cuba, in connection with the removal of the sud wreck, of an allowance not to exceed_ $5I£:er diem during the that he has been and may Y n I be stationed in bana m connection with the said duty. _ Ym.nows·rom; NATIONAL $41:1:: For maintegrgtalnce and frepair of ' ts 100,000, inc n t to xc $4,500 —

rem<;;°t1he,mad in the foreggglgeserge leading out of the pzhkmfsoum

the east boundary, and not to egceed $1,500 or maintenance of the 1I:)ad an thegoggst rese:rv°? 01:;. omhe parlr fron? ttihe south un , cxpen an un er tion 0 Pf,,';,'!"'*,,,,,,,, 0,, ,,. tary o?r{Var: Provided, That no portion of this e ropriatign shall Pi. ¤·>¤¤¤f¤¤*- be expended for_ the removal of snow from any of the roads for the prrposebof openm§ tlhem in advance of the time when they will be c eared seasons c anges. R°°°"°n°'°‘°' °*° ME; and ?;)protv1ing bglurfualce oidroadsdx and for bglding an verts, m e t- ro to te rd ; from The Thumb Station to the southezn border; afidvgommthe Leia Hotel Statwn to the eastern border, all within Yellowstone National