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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912: 443 Park, to°c]l1ic;oad;7i;uiuble and safe for animal-drawn and motor- v es, ,000. - ` Omg Lan NA'.l'IONAL·PARK, Oamosz For the construction of °“°°"‘”‘ a wagon road and the necessary bridges through Crater Lake National Bark, Oregon, toggther with a system of tanks and water-supply · pipes to provide r ararinkling, in accordance with the recommenations contained in report of the War Department published as House Document Numbered Three hundred and twenty-eight, Sixty-second Congress} second session, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War, $50,000. · . ; B U M an BUu.nmos`ANn onomms m arm anomm Wasnmeroiwz For im- MBL of pgovernent and care of public groimds, District of Columbia, as ""‘ llows: ‘ M For improvement and maintenance of gmunds south of Execu- awww liv; Mansion, $4,000. f d S _ ‘ or ordmary' care o greenhouses an nursery, 2,000. . $3For repair and reconstruction of the greenhouses at the nursery, ,000. ‘ ~ For care of Lafa ette Park, $2,000. ' For ordinary care of Park, $1,500. _ For improvement and ordmany care of Lincoln Park, $2,000. I ‘ S For care arid improvement of Monument Grounds and annex, °°°'"”'"°”°‘ 7 000. · For improvehrent, care; and maintenance of Garfield Park, $2,500. S For construction and repair of post-a.nd·chain fences, repair of high_ iron fences, constructing stone coping about reservations, painting watchmen’s lo es, iron fences, vases,-lamps, and lamp-posts; repairing and exten water pigs, and purchase of apparatus for cleaning them; hose; manure, an hauling thesame; snow p and ice; urchase and repair of seats and tools; trees, tree an plant stakes, labels, lime, whitewashing, and stock for nursery, Bower pots, twine baskets, wire, s lints, an moss, to be purchased by contract or otherwise, as the Secretary of War may determine; care, construction, dand repair dof glgurégxgirgzi) abating nuisances; cleaning statuesan reamng" eest , , . For improvgment, dare, and maintenance of various reservations, R°°"*°°°°'°°° including purchase, maintenance, and of horse and vehicle for official use of the officer in charge of public mldings and grounds, and of other necessa.ry vehicles, for official use, $27,000. $3For improvement, care, and maintenance of Smithsonian grounds, 000. · l§'or improvement and maintenance of Judiciary Park, $2,500. For laying cement and other walks in various remrvations, $2,000. ger brolken-stone road gogering fc? park? d sum $2 000 _ orcur1ng,copmg,an orpar ro an w , , . ger care and maintenance oi Patopiac Partli, $15,000. fP . ,. . P°°'°°°P°*` orgradmg' ,sorl1ng" ,seedm§" ,an an' at rtiono otcrmac· Park west of the railroad em ankmgnt, %000. po · {kung on 1* No part of any money appropriated in this Act shall be expended-,0.,... .¤d°:...¤"y, for or toward the construction of any lagoon, or other artificial ' body of water, or speedway, on any portion of Potomac Park in the Diivtrict of Columbia. d ads or o1l.1ng` or otherwise trea maca am ro , $4,000. · Toward the construction oimf makzadam road around the entire m2i'p°I:{.°°°°i P°° river and harbor front of the portion of Potomac Park east of the railroad embankment, $25,000. , _ For grading and improving the portion of Seaton Park bordering Sixth Street northwest, $8,500. _ For commencing the improvement of Montrose Park, and for its care and maintenance, $5,000. .