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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. II. Ch. 355. 1912. 445 Wasnmorox Mouuumnrz For the care and maintenance of the m:',,•,j¤*¤¢¤¤ ¥°¤¤· Washington Monument, namely: For custodian, $1,200; steam rmmemaee. engineer, $960; assistant steam engineer, $840 ; fireman, $660; assistant fireman, $660; conductor of elevator car, $900; attendant on door, $7 20; attendant on top floor, $720; three night and day watchmen, at $720 each; in all, $8,820. For fuel, lights, oil, wastzhpacking, tools, matches, paints, brushes, '°‘l’°“'°‘· br-coms, lanterns, rope, n , screws, lead, electric lights, heating apparatus, oil stoves for elevator car and upper and ower iioors; repairs tc engines, boilers, dynamos, elevator, and repairs of all kinds connected with the Monument and machinery; and purchase of all necessary articles for kaypinrgl the Monument, machinery, elevator, and electric lant in go o er, $3,000. Rmraras or nurnlimo wrman Annanau Lmoomr mrs: For _,§‘}§§{’§,§‘,',,‘,§§,$§°,, painting and miscellaneous repairs, $200. dm- Iicmovmmrrrs, nmrnrmcn or Wasmrsoron, Waxnrmnn, Vm- w""°“°“·V'· emu: For repairs to fences aud cleaning up and maintaining grounds about the monument, $100. Mouuumrr ·ro um um Pnnsmrwr Tram: Rrcrmorm, Vm- .,},f€"“·,‘!;‘{},‘§°°‘,§_',$,',§j onus: For erection of a suitable monument over the grave of the late ¤g,*§·;'_·· lm John Tyler, former President of the United States, in the Hollywood P` Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia, as authorized by the Act approved March fourth, nineteen hundred and eleven: Provided, That no part *{,,,,,,,,. mm, of said amount shall be expended until such time as the Secretary of *¤¤•·¤•=·· War is satisied of the existence of a responsible W association for N the care and maintenance of said monument: A further, °"""‘°‘°"'”‘ That when the said monument is erected the responsibility for the care and maintenance of the,same shall be wr such association and without expense to the United States, $10,000. H LIONUMENT ro Gnnnnars Scnmvnn arm Srrzwarrr, Mrnwar, s,,,,‘}';§“{$,§‘,‘,§{g,,}'°,2,_'“ Gnonora: For construction, erection, and completion of a_]o1nt V°*-at P-W monument to be erected in the old cemetery at Midway, Iarberty County, Georgia, in memory of the lives and public services of General James Screven and General Daniel Stewart, $10,000. _ Mmromn. uouuucerwr yr Gnnmanrown, PnNNsYr.rA1yrA:_ To ard ,,,$,€‘,f,‘f‘;'§,',§’,Z’,,‘§,,,,f"‘* in erecting a monument at Germantown, Pemxsylvama, in com- v¤\.ac,p.1as2. memoration of the founding of the first permanent German settlement in America, to be expended subipct to the (provisions of the Act approved March fourth, nineteen undred an eleven, authorizing the expenditure of this sum as a dpart contribution toward the erection of said monument: Provide , That the money for the prmuéacrexmd. erection of said monument shall be exmded under the directionl°“"’· of the Secretary ci War and by such o er as may be designated by him, $25,000. C , ,0Mum Commission or FINE Aarsz To meet the expenses made necessary am. by the Act approved May seventeenth, nineteen hundred and ten, $’_§}f"i,'}{‘; ,.,,_ entitled "An Act establishing a Commission of Fine Arts," mcluding the purchase of riodicals, ma , and books of reference, to be dis- . bursed, on vouchgrs approved hir the commission by the officer in charge of public buildings and grounds, who shall be_the secretary and shall act as the executive officer of said commission, $5,000. mvm md mwm RIVERS AND HARBOK8, CONTRACT WORKZ _ conunct work. Toward the construction of works on harbors and rivers, under °°”"'°°"°"· contract and otherwise, and within the limits authorized by law, namely i . , . ver. a4,p.1ma For works authorized by the river and harbor Act of mueteen hundred and seven, as follows: _ _ mm ml Improving harbor at Boston, Massachusetts: For contrnurng ' improvement of thirty-five foot channel, $25,000.