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446 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. SE?B.· II. Ch. 355. 1912. °'¤'•=l=*¤·i·°¤’°· Im ving harbor at Cleveland Ohio: For continuing im rovementpib) accordance with plan for,new harbor entrance and breakt te sion, $200 000. _ _ _ P‘“‘*° R"°'·N‘J‘ wilslpcrivigg Passaic ’River, New Jersey: For contmuing improve- _ ment of channel in Newark_Bay and Passaic R1ver,_$3$,000. _ M§gg§" “°"Y' R""· Improving Samt Marys River, Michigan: For contmuing improve- Newloch ment at the falls by the construction of a new lock, with a separate al, $1,500 000. _ V°'·"·"·"’· cmFor works, authorized by the river and harbor Act of mneteen mnkwmm wu hundred and tggii, a:f%lé_ows: W _ d T b_ bec B; . m'-- Impro ac arrior amor an om lg _ ivers §·¥¥¤.?d To mm Alabama: For continuing improvement by the construction of locks. and dams in completion of contract authorization, $250 000. ”°"""°{“{§’; e, Im ro Delaware River, Pennsylvania and New jersey: For rbtlade 1> P mug . 'l‘r¤¤¢°¤· continuing improvement by excavating a channel twelve feet deep If€omJAllegh?1z3;) (zgenue, hiladelplna, Pennsylvania, to Trenton, _ ew ersey , . _ _ F‘“"°"‘· °“‘°‘ Improving harbor at Fairport, Ohio: For completing improvement, $45,000. Ohio River. • • • ‘ sinned ,0,,,,,,,,; Improving Ohio River below Pittsburgh, Pennsylvama: For ·1¤¤¤ contm improvement by the constructionof Locks and Dams Number§ Seven, Nine, Ten, Twelve, Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty- mm mm nine, Forty-one, and Forty-eight, $1 141,000. ,,,‘.,‘°;;,,t,,,"°,_R_i, . Improving Providence River and Harbor, Rhode Island: Ifor contmuing improvement between Kettle Pomt and Gasepee Pomt and on the western side of the harbor at and above Fi ds Pomt, $104,000. w§‘,f§g,§,‘§,““°§vI£,E Puget SouJ1d·Lake Washington Yaterway: For contmuing imww- provement by the construction of a ouble lock, with the necessary accessory works, $500,000. _ _ M§’c‘{§“"" m'"* Impitigigig Saginaw River, Michigan: For contmuing improvement, ,000. ,,g}’§,'g§ §}‘§3,§,{’,§'}; Imlproving channel north of Shooters Island, between New York 1¤1¤¤¤- and ew Jerstgz For contmuing improvement, $30,000. Bi¤¤1¤vR¤v¤¤·°*¤¤· b Improving iuslaw Ritvsr, Oregpn: For continuing improvement y 'etty construction at e mou , $35 000. Vol-¤¤·v~¤¤& Flor works authorized by the river and harbor act of nineteen hundred and eleven, as follows: Bégggf ?•¤ •¤d Improving A.ransas Pass and Bay, Texas: For continuing construction o a deep—water harbor or port within the entrance to Aransas Pass at Harbor Island, m completion of contract authorization, $250 000. ¤*=*·*>¤*··°¤*°· Impgoving Harbor at Ashtabula, Ohio: For continuing improvement, 200,000. B*=“*¤¤h*¤*»“'“**· Improving Harbor at Belhg am, W8Sh]DglD· n: F f ` improveglent of Wbzotcogo Cree Waterway, in complgtigguolnl-lbllg tract au onzation '2,2 . ¤§;"•jfK·***°*· **<=- _ Improving Blacl£_Warrior, Warrior, and Tombigbee Rivers, Alabagiz; Forsgtirgtéxgging improvement by the construction of locks an ams, , . _ _ · °*“°"°·‘"· Iéiarggrogt Cht;ca,<,;o, Iliinois: For continuing improve- Cmmu mm mi I . _ {EH con ac au_ onzation,_$2·10,000. · Sqgrgggoving icago River, Illmois: For contmuing improvement, i.$i$§i.°‘§?.·.·?l‘.f’cY£i Iinproving Columbia and Lower Willamette Rivers, mow port land, Oregon: For contmuing 1mprovement, $200,000, C°°¤°’“‘~ °“'°# mgxgpgigiéigogrlarmr at Conneaut, Ohio: For continuing improve- Connecticut River ° - ’ ° · . co _ ‘ Improvm Connecticut River. C ti 1;; F ' · Im provement gelow Hartford, $40,000f)mwc cu Or contmuing lm