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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 387. 1912. 515 Territory for two ears next recedmg` the a lication, which ’- dence and all causzs for divogce shall be detldiimined by the cgsrt uson evidence atdduced in spen com·t; nor shall any lottery or the MW- ¤¤·¤“¤¢· s e of lottery tickets be owed; nor shall the legislature or any Mmmm giurucipalrtty mterfere with or attempt in anywigeatn 't the Acts of ongress ent an b an bhng' im e- ments shall KZ seized bypthe Uultznd marshEl&:l· any ofphis depnties, or any constab e or police officer, and destroyed· nor shall spmtuous or intoxicating liquors be manufactured or sold, except under such regulations and restrictions as Co shall providg; nor shall any public money be appropriated by[i§?‘erritory or any · municipal corporation therein for the support or benefit of any sec- c§¤v]f¤•*•·¤¤¤•¤ tanan, denommational or private scheo , or any school not under B:°,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. the exclusive control of the Government; nor shall the Government 1¤>¤¤¤¤¤ of the Territory of Alaska or any litical or municipal corporation or subdivision of the Territory mag an_y subscription to the capital stock of any mcoiniorated or in any manner lend its credit for_the use thereo ; nor shall erritory, or any {municipal corporation therein, have power or authority to create or assume any 1,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, bonded indebtedness whatevger; nor_to borrow money in the name of ¤·-· · the Territory or of any municipal drvisionthereof ; nor to pledge the faith of the people of the same for any loan whatever, either directly or indirectly; nor to create, nor to assume, any indebtedness, except tor the actual expenses ,tbl::a·eofi:dnd no suchgdindebtednesn I debmnm M oraetu rnmmngexpcnsesshall crea orassum mexcess_o ,,,,,2, ,,,,e,,·,,,_,_ the actual income of the Territory or munictpalitfybfor that year in- www cludiug as a part such income appropriations en made by (longress, and taxes levied anggayable and applicable to the payment of such indebtedness and c and other money credits on hand_and , applicable and not already pledged for prior indebtedness: Provzdtd, naymeai. t all anlilthorized inde shall bedpaaid m gis ornler ig creation- taxes orm upon same ass o su jec and shall be levied and collected nmder general laws, aud the assessments shall be according to the actual value thereof. No tax shall ¤¤¤*¤¤¤=¤· be levied for Territorial purposes in exceq of one per centum npon the d valuation of property therein m any one year; nor all any incorporated town or municipality levy any tax, for any purpose, in excess of two per centum of the assessed valuation o property hxmnnmun within the town m any one {ear: Provided, That the Congress re-•.¤.,.“.. serves the exclusive power for ve years from the date of the approval · of this Act to fix and impose any tax or taxes upon railways or railway pro rt in Alaska, and no acts or laws passed by the Legislature of glasha roviding for a county form of iwemment therein shall have any Eirce or effect until it shall be su mitted to and approved by the afiirmative action of ; and laws_ passed, xnnimkmtant mn. or attempted to be passed, by such 1 _ ature m said Territory gn- ’ A consistent with the provisions of this_section shall be null and void: V P10vI2l0d‘~€Lf¢’|¢T, That nothing herein contained shall be held to ,,,,,,°;{°‘“'“*""°"" abridge e right of the to modify the qualrlicatnons of _ electors by extending the elective franchise to women. ,~a_,,,,,,,,,_ Sec. 10. Buuzs, quorum nm uuonnjx.-’I‘hat the senate and house of reseutatives each its own omcers, determme the ruleslzllits own p ot mconsistent with this Act, and keep a journal of its pi ; that the ayes·and noes of the members of either house on any question shall, at the_request of onefifth of the members present, entered upon_ the journal; that a majority of the members to which each house is entitled shall stitute a quorum of such house for the conduct of business, of w quorum a majority vote shall suffice; that a smaller number than n quorum may adjourn from day to day and compel the attendance o