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516 SIX’.l`Y·SECOND CONGRESS. Suas. II. Cm 387. 1912. hg mgm manner and under such penalties as each houset may i)>;<li8viduei;smt for the urpose of ascertaining whether thereis a uorum present thepziuicgngofficershallcouvt and report the actualqnumber of members present. uehbwn- Sec. 1I. Lnorsnxron snnu. nor new cram onion.-——That no ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤•>°¤¤*¤· member of the legislatme shall hold or be alppointed to an&oEce h’°°°° whichhmbeeucreated, orthesalary0rem0umentsofwh1 have been increased, while he was a member, term for which he ¤¤¤¤·¥¤¤¤**'•*¤· waselected and foroneyear after theexpiration ofsuch term- and °Mu°' no person holding a commission or pomtment under the U’mted Statesshall beamemberof thelegizlliatureorshallhold anyoice under the vemment of said Territory. ¤¤¤¤**°¤•· Sec. 12.glixmn·noxs or ue1s1.noas.—'l‘hat no member of the legislahue shall be held to answer before any other tribunal for any wordsutteredin theexerciseofhis§isIativeftm<:t.10ns. That the members of the legislature shall, in cases except treason, felon , orbreachof tbepeace, be nvilegedfromanestdumig theirattendanceuponthesessions ofsne tivehouses, and1ngomg_to and P~•*•¤J*_ returmngfromthesame: P tsuch·£vilegeastogo1ng and returningshallnot coveraperiodof more tendaysotehway, except in the second division, when it shall extend to twenty days each way, md the fourth division to fiteen days each way.

  • ’•••¢•°“"'· Snoi:3. Passes: or Laws.-—That a billh;11 ordarsto become a law;

shall v separate reading` in use,. ling 0 whichinhachhouseshall bebynmajltgrityvoteofall towhichsuchhoiiseiaentitled, token yayesaud noes, mann uponitsjoumaL Thatevc1ybi]l,whenmdby theho11semwh1ch it originated or in which amendments to shall have oxaginated shallimmediatelybeenrolled andcertiiiedby thepresidingo cerand the clerk and sent to the other house for consideration. ¤,§_”*,g°'*;°°“*“°‘°’ Sec. 14. Tun vrro 1>owmz.—That, except as herein provided all ` bills passed by the legislature shall, in order to be valid, e signed by ce y presn officers an er o uses, .}.“"°.tt‘K;.°‘“‘.1tia¢i..l"%.““ as *·**’.t*im·*··“ ‘··s·.¥·¤:.#*‘ :*:,2,iss::·*··*· and shall thereupon spresented to the governor. approves it, heshallsignitandit allbecomealawatthe nratnonofnmety days thereafter, unless sooner given effect by a twiigiirds vote of said vm pew. · legislature. If the governor does not approve such bill, he may return it, with objections to legislature: He may veto any igpecific item or items m any lull wh1ch_appr;rrl>nates moneyl for spec c purr.-pemvmuy poses, but shall veto other bills, if at , only as a w ole. That upon °"°·°*”°• '°'°· the receipt of a veto message from the governor each house of the legislature shall enter the same at lrliige upon its goumal and receed to ireoomiderlpitérzlh bill, olrpant of a b' , an _ again vote uppn hy aye; an n0es,w en u nitso . , tersuc reconsideration such bill or part of apliill shall be approved b a twowm.- thirds vote of all the members_to which each house is entitled? it shall ,,,,I§,‘§,,*§‘,,,°$§"° thereby bevgomo A law. That lf the governor neither signs nor vetoes a_b1ll within three days (Sundays excepted) after it is delivered to hun, it become a aw without his signature unless the legislature aridourns sine die prior to the expiration of such three days. If any b shall not be_returned by thegovernor within three days (Sunda excepted) after It shall have been_ presented to him, the same shall E alawmhkemannerasifhehad signed it,nnless thelegslature, b its gyztgnrmmt, prevents the return of the b1ll, in which case it shelf not Annual •w¤v=h» Sm. 15. Paumrtr or Lnersumvn lXI'!N5ES.—Tl18t there shall be iigsiimexvuwzr ltmvlllilrnllgpmsriafed by Congress a sum sufficient to pay the salaries of mem _ an authorized employees of the Le@slature of Alaska, the punting of the laws, and other incidental expenses thereof; the