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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 387. 1912. 517 said sums shall be disbursed b the vemor of Alaska under l mstructions from die Secretaeyiaf theglreasury, and he shall accosnihis quarterly to the Secretary for manner m which the said funds shall have expended; and no expenditure to be paid out of money appropriated {)_Congress, shall _ made by the governor or by the legislature fer o jects not authorized by the Acts of Congress makigg tlaeoegtgimpnations, nor beyond the sums thus appropriated for su o . Sm. 16. Laws ·m.s1ws1n·rmn ·ro Pnnsmnrrr sm: rnm·m¤.— ¤2ii°1$u°° °"°°’ 'l}hat the governor of Alaeka shall, within ninety days a.fter the close o each semion of the Legislature of the Territory of Alaska, transmit a eorrect copy of all the laws and resolutions passed by the e . legnlature, to by the secretary of the erritoily, with the seal of the Territory attached; one copy to the President of the United States and one to the Secretarypf State of the United States; and legislature make provisions for dprmting the session laws and resolutions ninety days after e close of each session and for their distribution to public officials and sale to the le of the Territory peop Sec. 17. Euncrrou or Dnu:oa·r1¤s.—That after the ear nine- °°};¤¤*¤;“_ teen hundred and twelve the election for Delegate from tbz Territory ¤¤•id¤¤i¤ iii nd W of Alaska, prov1ded b§' "An Act providing for the election of a Dale- ..Xe§i.;£*‘ p' "°‘ gate to the House of epresentatives from the Territgaryl of Alaska,"

ppr'i;eddMay sevefifth, nilnemn glundlred and`: six, sber betllield on

_e esaynext terte t onayin ovem in e ear nineteen hundred and fourteen,»a.nd ever} second year the1jeafte¥ on the sand Tuesday next after the first Mon ay m November, and all of the provisions of the aforesaid Act shall continue to be in full force and effect and shall apply to the said election in every respect as is now provided for the election to be held in the month of Augpst therein: Provided, That the time for holding an election in said er- hture my ritory for Delegate in Alaska to the House of Representatives to fill g;gg;*°* mms V•· a vacancy, whether such vacancy is caused by f ure to elect at the time prescribed by law, or by the death, resignation, or incapacity of a person elected,_may be prescribed by an act passed by the Legisla- com t 1 I u ture of the Temtori of Alaska: Prmgtded further, That when such "° ° °°° °“ electignbischeld it s all goveiilneil in every respect by the laws asse o ess cverning suc e ectxon. 0. mm F P Sec. lg. Cxingrurmé n61uzo$1§couu1ss10N.—'I`hset antofficep of the sig£,::.4m%;:0! i Engineer" Co ofte United States y,ageoo' incargeo · Alaska svg an officer in the Engineer Corps of t§EUnited States Nagiy, and a civil engineer who has had practical experience in railro construction an has not been connected with any raxlro ad enterprise in said Territory be appointed by the President as a commission ereby authorized and instructed to conduct an examination into the scm of mv I transportation question in the Territory of Alaska; to examine re1l· mms to be mms ay. road routes from the seaboard to the coal fields and to the mterior and navigable waterways; to secure s1u·veys and other infomation with respect to railroads, including cost of construction operetien ; to obtain information in respect to the coal fields and their proximity md {mm to railroad routes; and to make report of the facts to Congress on or msl¤°S:¤¤¤s sm as before the first day of December, nineteen hundred and twelve, or as '°‘°*"”‘ '”°“‘°‘ soon thereafter as may be practicable, together with their conclusions and recommendations in resplect to the best and most available routes for railroads in Alaska w 'ch will develop the country, and the resources thereof for the use of the peo le of the United States: mm Prmridedfurther, That the sum of twenty-ti)ve thousand dollars, or so Appmriritdbu tor much thereof as may be necessaggé is hereby appropriated, out of any °"°"" money in the_ Treasury not o rwase appropriated to defray the expenses of said commission.