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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 388. 1912. 519 pro`ects, for investigations and surve for wer and reservo' ¤’¤*¤•¤¤'¤=¤=¤<>¤r on `lndran reservations in accordainxayswith ptlie provisions of dlicilzitdfl lim thirteen of the Act of June twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and ten, or v°L °“• “ ““· to prevent the_ Bureau of Indian Affairs from having the benefit of consultation with in other branches of the public service °¤¤·¤**•¢*<>¤ *¤¤¤ or carrying out agreements with the Reclamation Service; °m°"°°m°°' for pay of one chief inspector of irrigation, who shall be a skilled irriga- !""'?°°'"°"’°°'°"· tron engueer, four thousand dollars; one assistant inspector of ` tron, w o shall be a skilled irrigation engineer, two thousand Eve hundred dollars; for traveling expenses of two inspectors of irrigation, at dollars per diem when actually emplo ed on duty in the field, exclusive of transportation and sleeping-car ;are,.in lieu of all other pxpenses an1thorrze:il_by law, and forélinézidenttélal expenses of negotia- 1on,rnspec on an mvestrga `on, in u ing andexpense of going to and from the seat of governmmtcirdll while remaining there under orders, four thousand two hundred dollars; in all, three hrmdred and thirty-five thousand seven hundred dollars: Provided ,,;$§{,',';_‘°°“°"“ °* also, That not to_exceed seven superintendents of irrigation, who shall be skilled u·rrgation_ engineers, may be employed. Ifor the suppression of the traflic in intoxicatinialiquors among ¤g{""""* “°“°' Indians, seventy-five thousand dollars; Pnmikd t hereafter it P~•¢•¤· shall not be unlawful to introduce and use wines solely for sacramental °°°"°°°°°I "°'°" purposes, under church authority, at anytlplace within the Indian countgy or any Indian reservation, including ePueblo Reservations in New ·exico: Provided, also, That the powers conferred by section iv..°d?»di.’1°ii»,°:iT seven hundred and eighty-eight of the Revised Statutes upon marshals and their deputies are herebyiconferred upon the chief special officer for the suppression of the quor treiiic among Indians and duly authorized officers working under hissupervision whose Kptpointments are made or affirmed by the Commissioner of Indian airs or the Secretary of the Interior. _ ‘ _ To relieve distress among Indians and to rovrde for their care and ,,§$L',,°§',}'{ §f,_`T,'§,'§_• for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis, trachoma, smallpox, M- end other contagious and infectious diseases, mcluding the pure ese of vaccine and expense of vaccmation, nmety thousand dollars: ,m,_°_ Provided, That the spm of ten thousand dollars, or so much thereof as Inyepgazéigenwgy may be necessary, rs hereby apptrgprrated out of ani money in the §§,,§‘,,,1,,,,,¤,,,,.,f Treasu not otherwise approprre , to enablethe Ru lic Health and Marineflrlospital Service to make a thorough exammatron as to_the prevalence of tuberculosis, trachoma, smallpox, and other contagious and infectious diseases among the Indians of the United States, full report to be made to Congriess not later than lfebruary first, mneteen hhrnw and thirteen, wi such recommendations as may be deemed a visa e. For su port of Indian da and industrial schools, not otherwise pro- · ¤·M·¤**°' •°¤¤°“· vided for? and for other edhcational and industrial purposes in con- ““’°`m' nection therewith, one million four hundred and twenty thousand dollars: Promded, That hereafter employees of Indian schools may be ggégjm, ,_,_ allowed in addition to annual leave, educational leave not to exceed t•enpl¤y•••· fifteen days per calendar year for attendance at edrrcatronal gather- 111gB, conventions, mstitutrons, or traming schools if the mtprests of the service require, and under such regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe, and no additional salary or expense on account an Im of this leave of absence shall be mcur-red: further, That no ,¤,,,*‘“'§,,,,.,.,._""°" pn; of this appropriation, or any other appropnatrorn provided for in, except nppropriatiorrs m e pursuant to_treatres, shall be used to educate chil rr of less than one-fourth Indian blood, whose ents are citizens of the United States and the_State wherem they we and where there are adequate free school facrlrtnes provided and the facilities of the Indian schools are needed for pupils of more than onefourth Indian blood. ` 87818°-—vor. 37—r»r 1;%