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520 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Orr. 388. 1912. ‘i°’·°°*- •¤°'*°¥ For'construction lame urchsse, re airs, and improvements of b°m°°'m` school and agency’buildiirgl; and for sldwerage, water suppzi and ~ lighting plants, and for of school sites, four hun and c¤¤¤"°&·ar¢¤s, res. e ty thousand dollars: ¥'rovrded, That out of the above amount M- fdghwing expenditures shall_ _ made, to wrt: thuty thousand dollars for the construction of b_ for agency head uarters on the Y·¤¤¤>¤· S- °•*· Coeur d’Al&me Reservation rr; E8 p; ten thousand doilarsso 5pri)gel1:etr:l uusenaer, 1'6P&1l‘8· an im rovements a ankton Agenc m u a o · cffn md teen thousanil dollars for improvements at the {crt Bidwell School in California as follows, seven thousand dollars for the erection and construction of a water and electric light system, three thousand dollarsfor sewerage systerrhatrgree thousand dollars for a steam laungig and two thousand do for complete heating system of the ool and accessory building. _ _ _

  • r¤¤mr¤¤;. •¤·. For collection and transportation of prls to and from Indran

mm schools, and for the transportation of Indvrirln pupils from any and all Indian schools and placinglthem with the consent of their parents, under the care and contro of white qualiiied to give such pupils moral, industrial, and educational tramrng eighty-two thou- IMMIE I _"”_ sand dollars: Provided, That not to exceed five thousand dollars of me this amount may be used in the transportation and placing of Indian · ouths in positions where a remrmeratrye employment may be found nuupqma hir them in industrial pursuits. The provisions of thrs section shall also apply to native pupils of school.age under twenty-one years of " _,},'gm1:°•*"° *&g2lllri)nu§in1dyfr¤i°ai?»pmp1iatedheminforschoolpr¤poses among the Indians maéabe expended, without restriction as to per capita expenditure? for annual support and education of any one pupil in any schoo . agrrearsml ¤v¤i· To conduct experiments on Indian_school or agency farms designed '°°°°‘ to test the po?31 ilitreisfof sorlfandbrglnnate in tl;_e 61l1hlV8h0;11 of treesi gr·ar.ns' ,ve ta es,an ruits, or purposeso reservmg' ' an

r on Indian reservations and ellotxlhents, and to a vise

rmrm. $ In as to the proper care of forests:·Prov·a21ed, That this shall ‘°'“"°°°‘“ not, as to timber, app y to the Merrominee Indian Reservation in Wisruaoaa consm; for the employment of suitable persons as matrons to teach Indran women housekeeping and Ether household dutges, tgxnd for {urmshing necessa equi ments an ren uarters or em w ere .2_"""' “'° "°°*' necessary; for ge emyiloymentof praizggall farmers and stoekmen, in addition to the_agency and schoo farmers now emplo ed; and to supenntend and direct farming and stock raising among lhdians, four raaemu. no hundred thousand dollars: Prmndedfurther, That not to exceed five thousand dollars of the amount herern approprrated may be used to conduct experiments on Indran school or agency farms to test the possibilities of soil and climate in the cultivation of trees, gr·ains, Amount w mo vegetables, and fruits: Prmnkkd, also, That the amounts paid to '·"$“;,·_€}·,§f·,,_,, rnatrons farmers, and stockmcn herein provided for shall not be included, wrthrn the lrmrtatron on salaries and compensation of employees contamed m the Act of June seventh, eighteen hundred and nmety-seven.

 M _ For_ the_purchase of goods and supplies for the Indian service,

amp. sn. rrrcluding mspectron, pay of necessary em loyees, and all other expenses connected therewith, mcluding edge ' , storage, and granstggrtatrréndogllndran goods and supplies, f and eighty- ve usan dollars. T"*"’“”‘·"‘* For tele‘§;ph and telephone toll mess on business pertaining to the In service sent and receivedai? the Bureau of Indian Alfaus at Washmgton, nine thousand dollars. n{g"g{P°¤*¤m' mfg _ For witness fees and other legal expenses incurred in suits instituted mm. m behalf of or against Indrans involving the uestioraof title to lands allotted to them or the right of possession oipersonal property held