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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 388. 1912. 521 by them, two thousand dollars: Provided That no art of this a '•••*•°· ` pnation shall be used in the payment of ’attorne_y ppm- N°°°°°°"°° For expenses of the Board of Indian Commissioners, four thousand °'°"" °°”“'"'”°'* dollars, mcludmglnot to exceed three hundred dollars for office rent: · Promded, That ereafter the Board of Indian Commissioners is mm. authorized to employ a secretary, not a member of said board, and pay ,,,"§°"°"’ ‘"°"°°‘ his salary out of the appropriation herein made or which shall hereafter be made for said board: Provided {urther, That the proper H.C.Phtl1lps accounting oicers of the Treasury are here y directed to approve the "”*°°' “ payment of the salary of H. C. Phrlhps for services heretofore rendered · said board as_ secretary out of the appropriation rovided for the expenses of sard Board of Indian Commissioners in the Indian appropngtgonfct for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred · - an we ve. For pa ent of Indian police, including chiefs of olice at not to I'“"""’°u°°‘ exceed tig? dollars per month each, and privates at? not to exceed thutiy dollars per month each, to be employed in order,

 or the purchase of egligmeirts and rations for policemen at nonratxon agencies, two hun thousand dollars.

_ For compensatwn of judges of Indian courts where tribal rela»-_,,:,}‘,§[‘°’* """"' tions now exist, ten thousan dollars. For_pay of special agents at two thousand dollars per annum; for °°“°"'°’°"" traveling and mcidental cx nses of such special agents, including sIeep1ng·car fare, and axper of three dollars in lieu of subsistence when actually employ on duty in the field or ordered to the seat of government; for transportation and incidental expenses of officers an clerks of the Office of Indian Afairs traveling on officral duty; for pay of employees not otherwise gaovrded for; and for other necesaryexpenses of the Indian service r which_no other am priiation is availalae, one and tweiaty-gve thotrfaniil dof the orcontinumg' ewor o an mexing e eso ¤1•¤¤r*¤x ¤¤<¤•¤ Indian Office and preparing historr data from records therein, °°°°m°°' including the pay of employees, five thousand dollars. _ ‘ That so much of the provision of the Indian appropriatron Act of ‘,§g§Q°’;,';"}';{f,,“, June seventh, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven 5'hutroth Statutes i¤{•;:g`5lP· N at La , pages sixty-two to nmety), as hmrts the amount that may ’ be paxor salaries or compensation to employees regularly emlployed at any one agen to ten thousand dollars, and at a conso dated cy to Efteentziousand dollars, is hereby amended by mcreesmlg tlgguamounts to fifteen thousand dollars and twenty thousand do lars, respectively. ARIZONA AND NEW` MEXICO. lgg? •¤‘ *'•" hmm ., of - M Sec. 2. For support1an¢licivhi1l’tIizatil¢;n of Arizona and New can . m R exico, three hundrc an t thousand o ._ For su port and education oz two hundred pupils at_ the '°" “°l”° ”°'*°°‘- l“‘H&“°..¥‘°°.} °“ Fl? l}.‘E3`2f’u'I.'£ ’?’ "“" °f.¤““"°“*"°“.{’.fi"’i:.$‘.£F°vZ§ `ve one un o ; or gene repairs _ _ rgcnts, tilhousanddthree hundred dollars; m all, thirty-eight thousand our undred ollars. _ _ For support and 'education of seven hundred Indian pupils at the “’°°"’"°*‘°°’· Indian school at Phoenix, Arizona, and form of supermtender:3 one hundred and nineteen thousand four hun dollars; for gene repairs and improvements, nine thousand dollar·s· m all, one hundred and twenty-eight thousand four hundred dollars_ . _ hun- mm For sup rt and education of one hundred pupils at Indian sam:. school at 'Euxton Canyon, Arizona, and for pay of superintendent, eighteen thousand two hrmdred dollars; for general repairs an improvements four thousand dollars; rn all, twenty-two thousand two hundred dollars.