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522 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 388. 1912.

°”*__“'•*¤"••'*°° F maintenance inclndmg' urchase felect"t f 1mga' t'

nmnsapnee. ew. wellgralready completed, and of thellgterfl ditches thereunder ixrconnection the irrigation of the ds <i;ditl:lEmh4zgam§“t:.e*:1L•cimtyii>fSwmnimtheGHaRi:·]e: Reserve. mn, usan dollars: °"""“`°""°°"` Egraon ct the we ei ue on the,Gi1a nsw- ,1,., m°·;1.*··**·*··.1u..‘°,.,,,..*° to ..r:··*-»,.,.,md *°2··zr·‘% 0::.;: u e 1u o e °°**‘*'*°'*'·“"* Statgasand whenfundsmaybo available tIl6lEIO`1g§)foIIdd1_fiN‘u'I;I¢f nantpatntn . . . o Dnatmtheeventanyallotteeshahmeenveapatentmfeetoanallotment of land this pmEect_before_tb.e United States shallhavebeenw llyreupbmsedas prov1ded,thentheproruonate cost of pm ect, to be ap rtwned equitabmoby the gcretary of the Interior, shall become a Est lieu on such tment, gndthefactofsuehhenshall bereezitedonthofaceofeach tent


du.-he1;,ish14;wevu,shaHn¢;th¤b• orced::dl<§ allottee or eus own allotment; may sammy of Interior, or of the cilieer Yagent, or duly authorized by for that purpose, for_the payment amount assessed agamst any allotment as provided shall, when duly recorded mwah-'* by;the recorderof the coigty wherein the laugsm located, kn. 0 88 8 SIUBIIOUDII -8Hch : Prop;] _ &“¤t.ry ¤."?.T’»l?flT!3¤°3 0; W¤’ bv. md he Nwlgai dir•¤*¤d.f¤ • board of not less F¤0l•0*· thanthreeengnnoensof Armyofwidere °_ andlarge P¤¤'P0¤0 0 *·0¤1¤m¤¤& . pract1c•` ' constructingadamandreservoiratori1xthe;rieinityof theBox(gangoon, onth§£agCi:rl8osInd1anRese1;;;*1x‘§`ti(§»i1i,‘k;;1own as site dig}: posed ar u· on wer, ns an necessary ` tionworhsinconnectiontlierewithto rovidef the m,m_mm_,__ in;Eetion , Private and public lands in the Gila tllliver me leafy. Smdbotardo eingnneerstosutlilmit t;>hC0ngressthe results o _ eu- examma ons an serve esf f umn wh then- regfoééngtenldatnom tg%·;>bh0§: tlg d:rli§?hpmclI;i:lal1I:a BSUIDOI 0 _ 08l`S,01‘SOH1 t I be

, is hereby ap;1ro(?r;ate3{ out of anyf:i)on(¢;yci]n°¢l,h:8T:zury

_ _ appropns e , or e purpose o con ueting said invest tnons. mwdggi? lglgor the development of a water su ply fc: domestic and stock gurposes and for xrngatnon for nomadic Papago Indians in Pima ·~»~··· Ore %r*2:··Si:°:h°"¤z¤·Ld2Hmemuen. _ o em e_ e re a e the terior to make an investi ation ""°’“*‘“°“ '°"" fthe dxtx 0 the II? ‘ ‘ · g · , 0 _ con ons n ape Indian Rese t Ar ‘·*·'· '“'“"“°“'” ::r···,.h.,*·:;%::::m‘.*·°,,,—P°¤¤ge?“i:>;;·‘ D 0 G 8 {mw. rixgalxlflgfp 1}) water supggyaioigomxictand st4;cl;1p3 fihe tlinghgkrrid •p<m,ee.e. : , e re a 0 the t hall quryoys, plans, md reports to be mddve together Ie: estirridtlsd hnut of cost of and project shall submit his report thereon to Sxglgggss on the first Monday m December, nineteen hundred and ”l`¥."°'§°‘""”‘Z}k F ' the ‘ · - · . P·Es~.¤% “I'“” ¤¤ 3%b?€`$`·?}*·?&¤¤i»¤°°Rm““”»~'?Zr‘%‘3¤°€n‘h$’l4‘Z'$d’lL%’f3‘Z.‘L.32’°»L’€£ the pla:3 submitted by the chief e%ineer'0f the Indian Service and prov the Commxssroner of dm; Afgug md the Secret ol) the Interior, m conformit `th ary . . Y W1 Section one of the Act approved gIz,:,&m‘ fourth, mneteen hundred and ten, thirty-five thousand dbllersz thousand .?§.";“£u§I‘§r§t?%“§¤‘i’,Z€ °‘ °"° *"°j°°‘ M M weed my