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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 388. 1912. 523 To enable the Secreta of the Interior to make an invw `ation ¤•¤ °•**°¤¤¤¤¤v~· of the conditions on the lglhite Mountain or San Carlos IndiantlIIl.eser— doa-épon on uecuuy vatron in Arizona. with respect to the necessity of `construc , for ’°‘“"""“· °‘°··*“· the use of the suitable bridges across the San C and the Gila River, in the vicinit of San Carlos, on said reservation, one thousand dollars, and the gecretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and directed to cause surveys, plans, and reports to be made together with an estimated limit of cost of construction of said bridges, at such sites as he may select, and submit his re ort thereon

0 gongress on the first Monday in December, nineteen liundred and

vm ve. To enable the Secretary of the Interior to make an investigation c_{"'“‘ R°'°"°'·*°°· of conditions on the Yuma Reservation, in California, with respect to B¤g>l{£:_'¤ neceslty the necessity of constructing, for the use of the Indians, a bridge iiirm. °°l°“°° across the Colorado River between Fort Yuma, California, and the town of Yuma, Arizona, one thousand dollars, and the·Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and directed to cause plans, surveys and reports to be made together with an estimated limit of cost of said bridge and to submit his report thereon to Congress on the inst Monday rn December, nineteen undred and twelve. For salary due Clarence I. Stacy, su ervisor of ditches, Pima Indian g';'°m"f·‘;QI6,°€{..§YA,, Reservation, Arizona, from April e1%h&, nineteen hundred and eleven, to October twexgy-fifth, nineteen undred and eleverg at one thousand two hundredollars ger annum, six hundred an sixty dollars. For salary due N. D. rayton as physician on the Pima Indian §_;:;,§;§{";,u,¥ Reservation Arizona, from April seventh, nineteen hundred and eleven, to November fourteenth, nineteen hundred and eleven, inclusive, at the rate of one thousand two hundred dollars a year, seven hundred and twenty-six dollars and sixty-seven cents. For constructing dike to protect allotments on the Fort Mojave v_{glj_N°J•*¤ F*=·¤** Indian Reservation, twenty- ve thousand dollars. nike. For continuing the construction of necessary channels and laterals u,§g}$;‘;f‘° m*¤‘F~¢* for the utilization of water in connection with the pumping plant for cnsiiuemhscc., me migation purposes on the Colorado River Indian Reservation, Ari- °'”"’ ““ ” °‘ ZOH8, as provided in the Act of April fourth, nmeteen hundred and VOLM mm ten (Thirty-sixth Statutes at Large, page two hundred and seveng- ' three), for the purpose of securing an a prognatron of water for o irrigation of approximately one hundred an fifty thousand acres of lan and for maintaining and operating the pumping Kant, thirty- five thousand dollars, reimbursa le m provided in said ct. (Act of April fourth nineteen hundred and ten, volume thn·ty-six, page two hundred and seventy-three, section three.) oanrsonma. °‘“’°""'· Sec. 3. For support and civilization of Indians in California} °°°"°‘ h` includingpaiy of employees, and for the purchase of small tracts 0 land situ ate adjacent to lands heretofore purchased, for improvegkents on lipids fordtgeuuse and occupancy of Indians rn arms, t -seven thousand dollars. _ _ liyor support and education of five hundred and fifty Indian pupils m‘°""“' “’°*“°°' at the Sherman Institute, Riverside, California, and for pag of superintendent, ninety-four thousand three hundred and fifty pllars; for eneral repairs and improvements, ten thousand dollars; m all, one hundred and four thousand three hundred and fifty dollars; Y l Raemum For the balance of the first annual reclamation and maintenance ,,1.,;,,,,, ,,,,8,,, charge on Yuma allotments and for the second annual charge and c4 v•¤¤¤¤¢¤= ¤f maintenance, fifty-two thousand three hundred and sixty-two dollars vi es. p.1osz. and sixty-two cents, or so much thereof as may be required, to be reimbursed from the sale of surplus lands or from other funds that may be available, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of March third, nineteen hundred and eleven.