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524 SIXTY~SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. II. Ch. 388. 1912. norm-. FLORIDA. - ..·r1r¤¤¤xpe¤a¤.{bu.»s¤se1tt " rumen - ····f#—"'?;.1""“..I..T"j.;";`.Z" ..$.'f°d.$u... *2%. relief oi .et_ .,§;"·£7.°§$5iJ’ 1...¤{’?.. v°‘·"‘·’*“’“ Florida, and for purposes of their civi1ization," made in the Indian propriation Act approved March three, nineteen hundred and Seven, i hereby reappuopriated and made available the iiscalyearendingJunethirIieth,nineteenhundredandthirteen. mae. IDAHO. £""‘“‘°""" Sec.5.ForeuportandcivilizationofIndia1uonlsheFortHall dggg=¤¢s·*¤—»¤¢ ¥¤· gssuzrnvation m Idaho, pay of employees, thirty thousand ""•"*"'F""'- For Et; operation of the Fort Hall system, twenty · knocks. . . . . the . _ $3;:..:-age,. _ gogffuplglhng treaty stnpulahons tvgth · rnfldaho. gg _ {Lenore] e`·°fZ`Ql¤· ua, umn l»1J¤1'y aura, 3 teen mm me ..,.·. ¤·=,_tr*g_g*·*>·***•$'¤¤-·¤·! _ . ruaiuaeunm or e0oeur'd A1enes,mIdaho. Forpayof blaeksm1th,cu·pe1iter, "°*·"·*""·_ and hysici;Land_purchgse of medicines (article eleven, t · ed dll third, hundred and ninety-omg, three '..“'°"°‘.i.‘:‘..F’· F or t twavtnmalima mm, and xm elugfdlslgnethorzlmandazilllmnpu annum, in•ddi6¤¤ toruruatloyea otheilwise provided for at the ea Peres Agency, inall, we thouand l?a.i.?¤l•i§{Z To reimburse Peter Moctelmy, a mnnber of the Coeur d’A1me Tribe of Indians in full settlement, for d sustained b him hecauseof thesaleby theUnited Statuto thexteof Idaho ofland for a Stateipark on a portion of which the said Pets- Moctelmy made hi home, ve hundred Iowa. ‘ IOWA. ¤•¤ •·¤ ¥•= Sec. 6. For pay of one inancial clerk, at six hundred dollars, and

  • l°3°d‘•1¤¤•1 en- one physician, at four hundred and efhty dollars per annum in

"°’°"· addition to employeesothermse (provided for at the Sao and Fox Agency, Iowa; m all, one thousan and eighty dollars. ¤¤~ KANSAS. ”"““‘““"'°'· Sec. 7. For supg;rt and education of seven hundred and fifty Indian pupils at Indian school, Haskell Institute, Lawrence, Kamas, and for y of superintendent, one hundred twenty-seven thousand seven £ndred and fifty dollars; for general repairs and improvements, eleven thousand dollars; m all, one hundred and . thirty-eight thousand seven hundred and dollars. ,,,,‘§"f,’°°,,,,, *"""* For s&gport and education of erghty Indian pupils at the Indian I school, ckapoo Reservation Kansas, and for pay of su ‘ tendmgjourteen tho¤sa_n_d_e¤ght hundred and surtydollarr {Er general . repairs and iin vunmtgdthres dollars; in all, seventeen theusand ught o . ,,,,",°{;,,,“,,_'°"‘°' °‘ For ties with th-itgaos and Foxes of the Missouri: For $gj>;;P_u,t siurpgo.1;It;t_a {U5 (ataicle five, xg.? Harchsixth, eighteen lum-