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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 388. 1912. 525 MICHIGAN. rnauna Sec. 8. For support and education of three hundred and twen - ,,,,%,,,,°""’ "°"""‘ Eve Indian putpils at_ the Indian school, Mount Pleasant, and for pay o supermtendent, fifty-six thousand two hundred and seventy- ve dollars; for general repairs and im rovements, live thousand dollars; m all, sixty-one thousand two hundred and seventy- iivir dollars. f or- pa o one special' agent at one thousand one hundred dollars · and one financial c erk at nine hundred dollars per annum, in addi~ Awww an tion to employees otherwise provided for at the Mackinac Agency; in all, two ousand dollars. That the sum of one hundred and sixteen dollars and thirty-seven moi"' cents be, and the same is herelliy, reap ro 'ated for the of paying the claim of John E. eyer, ol) Sh: herd, Michigan lor the a ance due him on construction of certain wells at the Mount Pleasant Indian School, located at Mount Pleasant, Michigan in the years nmeteen hundred and one and nineteen hundred and two, the appropriation out of which such balance should have been paid having eretofore lapsed.

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Spc. 9. Por support and education of two hundred and twenty-five ""°‘°'"'° °°"°°*‘ Indian pupils at e Indian school, Pipestone, Minnesota, and for pay of su(perrntendent, tljirip-nine thousand one hundred and seventy- five ollars; for [Fen regain: and improvements five thousand five hundred dollars, one ousand five hundred dollars of which shall be used for the installation of an electric system and five hundred dollars of which shall be used for the construction of coal sheds; for the construction of a drain from the head of Pipestone Falls east in the bed of the creek to a point where it tums sou , from thlemce east toththe secéion lilne, one thorasand five dollars; in a orty-six thousand one undred an seven - ve dollars. _ {For support of a school or schools for the of the Mis- °! in srssippi rn Minnesota (article three, treaty of arch mneteenth, %°,,,_,,_,_·,,,_

 hundred and sixty-seven), four thousand dollars. cmwum 0, mm

e Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to withdraw from awa the Treas of the United States at is discretion, the sum of one ,,,°,}§2.,"§,‘{‘Z,‘};,,,{_'°·· hundred aurird sixty-five thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may V¤¤·¤¤»v·••¤ be necess , of the principal sum on deposit to the credit of the Chippewaagdians in the State of Minnesota, ansirxsuinder section seven of the Act of January fourteenth, eighteen and eighty- nine, entitled "An Act for the relief and civilization of the Chippewa Indians in the State of Minnes0ta," and to use the same for the pure of promoting civilization and self-supgort among the said Ediansin manner and for purposes provided 1- in said Act. mu mm hu The Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to advance to antuuesrsanuea the executive committee of the White Earth Band of Chippewa Indians in Minnesota the sum of one thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be exgnded in the annual celebration of said band to be held June fourtlegn (i nineteen hundred and twelve, out of the funds belonging` to said an . uk, M", That there is hereby appropriated the sum of seven hundred dollars uéd wm mw in addition to the one tgousand dollars heretofore appropriated to waiirdgver. complete the construction of a bridge across Clearwater River on the ged Lake Indian Reservation in the State of Minnesota.