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546 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. Il`. `Ch. 389.. 19l2. ¥¤•¤=¤¢*••”*°•· thFor mesgenger seiévice, one million six hundred and eighty-one ousan nine un . P¤¤¤¤·¤¤ °¤'*•¤· For the trammission of mail b pneumatic tubes or other similar M devices, nine hundred and eiglhzy-seven thousand four hundred {‘*g{•¤·mm,_m,° dollars: Provided, That a commission consisting of two members mvissgie v¤r<=hn¤ of the Committee on Post Omces and Post Roads United States §§,‘{,,,,,2’,$_"°°° °‘ Semate, and two members of the Committee on the Post Omce and Post Roads, House of Reprmentatives, to be appointed by the chairmen of the urxjlpective committees, and the Second Ass1stant_1{ost— master Gen , k hereb authorised to investigate the feasibility and desirability of the govunment purchasing and_operating the equipment for pneumaticetube suvice in the cities in which such service is now installed, together with rights to operate and extend ui ment in such cities and elsewhere and to ascertain the cost at ¤¤¤>¤»¤·*~ such purchase may be made. The employment of expert and other assistance is authorised, and the expense of such and of the inquiry shall be paid from the ap£)ro riation for service by pneumatic tubes, audsaid commission as make a report, with recommendations, to Congrem at the earliest practicable date._ www •¤¤*¤·· h For regulgtion, screenéhor otherdwlhggn service, one million seven un an thirty' ·two o 0 . nnnsqrsis For mail bags, metal for maikbsg attachments, cord fasteners, lqbel cases, in or manufactme and repairing o , an or en ` to, two {";::{;»éd" N hmm ei§1ty·-two thousand out of

.l2Ls.'h4..,:g£ thisc1:ip;;r2p;·1at.xon th: PostmasterHGent§al is aughlqanéed-_to use lqo

_ mu o sum,noexceedmgve uscnd, 0 ,asmay e dm m deemed necessary for_ the purchase of material and the manufacture in the mail-bag repair shop_of such small quantities of distinctive eqxéiqments as be re<¥,nred Ibg otliq1rihexecuti¥§ degarélments, an or service in aska,_ orto co, _ pine an , awaii, or other xsland possessions, and for such spu:15 equipment for testing apd for other purposes m connection with the reduction lll the weight ‘ o msileqmpmen . ¤¤¤•¤r•1¤>v•- For compensation to labor lo ed in the mail-bag air sho ag"' $t;1Vas%r;g·ton£h of and Chicago, one hun}: an wo thousand o . mg¤¤p¤=•¤• •¤¤v. For rent, light, fuel, electric power, and incidental enses r- m‘""°‘ taining to the maintenance of a subworksbop for the rzigair of eqnnpment at Chicago, Illinois, two thousand four hun ed dollars. rmx., rmm For mail locks and keys, chains, tools, machinery, and material necessary PE1; manufgzltwigg :1:2 same,hand fiqrl inlqidental expenses aimng ere ; orm int em -oc reair shop such metal attachments as may be neeged for use in the marinufacture and repair of mail equipment, twelve thousand dollars. Qjgrfevek *****1*- For compensation to labor employed in the mail-lock re air shop at Washington, District of Columbia, thirty-six thousand five hunmw: of nbmce dred_ dollars: Promded,_ That hereafter the employees of the mail-bag 1,, repay, shops sn. rapualr shes m Washmgton, Distnct of Co umbia, and Chicago, Pl°Y°¤· I _ ois, an the employees of the mail-lock repair shop in Washington, %tr1ct of Columbia, may be allowed thirty days annual have gf a ence. .

      • “*°•°’°‘“** _ For inland transportation by railroad routes, forty-seven million

eww. six hundred and forty-six thousand dollars: Provided That a `oint Joint Ccngresional . 2 mmmmsses gym committee shall be sgpomted composed of three members of] the ytgf>¤d·¤¤=—¤ ¤¤*°*°*· Senate Committee on ost Omccs and Post Roads and three members of the House Committee on the Ifost Omce and Post Roads, to be designated by the respective chairmen to make inquiry into the subject of postage on second-class mail matter and compensation for the transportation of mail and to report at the earliest practicable