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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Szss. II. Ch. 389. 1912. 549 For ac clefks in lace of clerks or substitutes in'ured ' duty, whtdlxall grailfted leave of absence with full ilay duiiliidgotllld ,_,@°‘lmh‘°"‘ pprrod of drsabrliiiy, but not ex one year, then at the rate of ty per centum the clerk' s annual for the period of disabilit exceeding one year, but not exceeding twelve months additional, and to enable the Postmaster General to pay the sum of two thousand P•g¤¢¤¤*¤ ¤·¤¤<>f dollars, which shall be exempt from payment of debts of the deceased, dw ' to_ the legal representatives of any railway postal clerk substitute railway postal clerk, or post-office inspector, who shall be ldlled while on dut or who, being injured while on duty, shall die within one year ttllierealo tgrdxs the result of such injury, one hundred and thirty For actual and neces@ expenses division su tendents '¤‘¤?¤\¤¤x¤q»¤¤. assistant division superintendents, and,chief clerks, §arilnway Service and rarlwiipostal clerks, while actuall traveling on business of the Post Office plartment and away from their several designated hisqume tmosnd ·*·1?m· an mw »m or rent, g , egra , misce eous, and office “'· schedules of trains, telepllione service, and badges for railway

 clerks, eighty thousan dollars, including rental of offices for

vision headguarters, and chief clerks, Railway Mail Service, in Washington, istrict of Columbia. For per diem allowance of assistant superintendents while actually ,,£{,,“‘?,‘f,;,,§*,f,;,{‘?‘_ traveling on official businem away from their home their official •°*· domicile and their headquarters, at a rate to be Exed by the Postmaster General, not to exceed three dollars per day, three thousand eight hundred and giiirigy-oriia dollarszhand 2:5 their necessary official expenses not cover y t cir per `em owance nof exceed' seveii lilundred dollars; in all, four thousand five hundred and thirlgg one dollars. For inland transportation of mail b electric and cable cars, seven ,§'°°$,_"“’ °""° hundred and twentgre-eight thousand dollars: Promkled, That the rate of iiggge coniipensation to paid per mile shall_not exceed the rate new I"' pai to companies performing such service, except_that the Postmaster Genera], in cases where the quantity of mail is and the number of exchange points numerous, may, m hrs discretion, authorize payment for clowd—p0uch service at a rate per mile not to exceed one—third above the rate per mile now paid for closed-pouch serviceand for mail cars and apartments carrying mails, not to exceed the rate of one cent per linear foot per car-xmle of travel: Provided further, That the rates for electnccar service on routes over twenty °“'·‘*"° °'°“‘°'· miles in length outsiaignpgscrgics shall not excce<'i_}i.he rages paid 0;,5- ummm mmm service on steam ra' : romdcd° , however, at no to ex °¤* fifteen thousand dollars of the sum hereby appropriated may be expended, in the discretion of the Postmaster Genera , where unusual conditions exist or where such service wrll_be more expeditious and efficient and at no greater cost than otherwise, and not to exceed one ,,§",,§,§‘,;f*°“ °"'¢‘ hundred thousand dollars of this appropriation may be eylendcd for regulation screen, or motor screen-wagon service, whr may be authorized in lieu of electric or cable car service, _ For transportation of foreign mails, three million seven hundred !’¤¤=¤¢¤¤·¤- and forty-eight thousand four hundred dollars: Provided, That the gigrrgvem Postmaster general be authorized to expend such sums as may sap; be necewry, not one hundred eleyen thousand dollars, to cover the cost to the United States of maintaining sea·post service mr cpmm New on steamships conveying the mails, and not exceeding eighty thousand Ynskk Sari dollars for transferring the foreign mail from incoming steamships *·“ °“° “‘“ in New York Bay to the stearnship and raxiway piers, for transferrmg the foreign from incoming steemslups in San Francisco Bay to the piers, and for transferring the foreign mail from mcommg