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550 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Ch. 389. 1912. steamshi at Honolulu from quarantine to the piers; also for transem¤‘ g ° fro steamslu orming service under contract °"‘°°"’ ""°" f tg: 11 United Pmmded, That acting clerks ance ae. for transpo mg . . . i may be employed in place of clerks or substitutes injured wlnle on duty who alially be granted leave of absence with full pay during the of disability, but not ex one year, then at the rate_0f y per centum 0 the clerk’s annual for the period of disability exceeding one year but not exceeding twelve months add1tiona P"°°°°°°“°°°`“ and that the Postmaster General may pay the sum of two thousand dollars] which shall be exam t from payment of debts of the deceased, to the egal re resentative ol) any sea-post clerk or substitute clerk who shall be killed while on duty, or who, being mjured w on duty shall die within one year thereafter as the result of such °‘°"",‘§,“,Q°"f{,';“*°,;Q: injury: , That the sum of six thousand dollars ¤¤Ii¤i¤i¤·i¢¤¤·*¤°*· immediately theaplafinent to widow or·next of km of J. S. Mardi, O. S. Woody _ _W. Gwmn, sea·post clerks,_who lost their lives on the S. S. 'lhtame, said sum to be equally divided, twothnusa.nddolla1stoe•chw1dowor_next0fkm. _ _ ..,.d‘?.'€"' "“’°'"" For assrstapt superintendent, Division oi Foreign Mails, with

 in New York, New York, two thousand five hundred

’*‘*“‘°°' "‘° “" For due fo countries, four hundred and eighty-six dnwumn thousand four hundredrdgan. _ _ _ _ ,,_ U‘,}‘,Y{ For two delegates to the International Postal Union at Madrid, lll116lZ6z5l`I:)l1dl';¢; }id thirteen lap: lourtegiigtjoubtre a pom' t ostmaster , m mint, Eve tlirousanddollars. · _ _ P '*"“°‘· °‘°· For travel and miscellaneous expenses in the postal service oiliee of the Second Assistant Postmaster General, one thousand dollars. Thirdaslstanthstmnereeaean. orncn or run rmv assrsraxrr Posruasrm GENIIRAL. S‘°”·"‘ For manufacture of adhesive tags stamps, speeialdeliv stainps, book; ozhetamppf amid for of stamps, seven hundred an sixt -e' thousand dollars. ,.,.,“","{‘;’I,°';,,‘§,‘§‘}%{;' For of stamped envelopes and newspaper wrappers, vm one million seven hundred and twenty-eight thousand ollars. °""""‘“°"· °"'" For pay of agent and assistants to examine and distribute stamped envelopes and newstpaper wrappers, and expenses of agency at Dayton, mamma Ohlpo, twenggvtgm egngsand eight hundred dlpglars. md any or man postal cards, sev -0ne thousand dollars. °“"· °°°‘· "°"“‘ For ship. steamboat, and way letters two hundred and fifty dollais. u¤I:»:S°:iii£ii°° "` For payment of limited indemnity {or the loss of pieces of domes- ¤¤¤=•**°· tic registered matter, first, third and fourth classes, forty-five thousand ollazi of which the sum of ten thousand dollars shall be immednm, diately av able for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and eleven. I“°'"" ‘ For payment of limited indemnity for the loss of registered articles in the mternational mails, in accordance with convention stipulations, seventeen thousand dollars, of wlueh seven thousand dollars shall be` Tn el M immediately available for the Escal year mneteen hundred and eleven. ' ‘ ‘ For travel and miscellaneous exggnses in the tal service, ofliee Hmm enum. of the 'l`h1rd Assistant Postmaster neral, one tliiliisand dollars. uoelddidseeggilw _ That from and after the of not all periodical publica- ,,;,,,1,,*;*,,,,, tions issued from a known 0 publication at stated intervals, and asfreqluently as four times a year, by or under the auspices of a benevo ent or fraternal society or order organized under the lodge system and having a bona fide membership o not less than one thousand persons or y a incorporated institution of learning, or by a regularly estab ed tate institution of learning supported in w ole or in part by public taxation, or by or imder the auspices of a