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SIXTYjSECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 389. 1912. _ _ 555 and ordered to fperform Sunday work shall be allowed comgnsatory tm: on on; o the six days following the Sunday on w 'ch they orm suc service.

€Ssc. 6. Thbezt no perséughin tfl
3 classified siehrvice of the United ,n__°'•¤*¤¤¤ ·=i*¤ M-

tates move · ere t will any ma., in nas? or we mr.? ?.%°‘i0r ‘lZ,;‘§`1.¤s°*‘i»’§;.’f¤ wah; #,·§.‘%;,,-· ·~ ·»··»····»· cg , S1, ¤ cy. ang the persocgia w 0se is sorighflglgau hgvleo notice of Gtlhe saline N U M an o any rges agamst an 't °c§° copy thereof, and be allowed a reasninable time for persvqilnalla mw '°°° answering the same in writing; and aiiidavits in support but no examination of witnesses nor an§itrial or hearing shall be

 except in the discretion of the 0 cer making the removal;

an copies of charges, not1ce of hearing, answer, reasons for removal ,,,,_“°°‘T‘“ °’ '°"‘°"‘· and of the order of removal shall be made a part of the records of Phe are °°P"*,..m.°·1%.‘: °25i$r· ·¤ ¤h*·“:‘s;*~‘*° mss K *N...··,¤=.&i··;: in r or com a ; copies o same to th rson ted upon request and the Civil Service Commission _ also shall, uponw uest,_be copies of the same: Provided, §,'°,;,,f"gnp,°y°“¤“ gnoweverf That m;i(iil>ersl?;lp in iéiy society, association, ggb, or other ypmigisapixg rgamza` t'on 0 post 0 ees not . pmol; , otiitgiidii ogganizatidn imposing arfliiliiligyation or duty upon themmtliv °‘°· cw mom engage in any strike, or proposing to assist them in any strike, against the United States, having for its objects, among other things, improvements in the condition of labor of its members, mcluding hours of labor and compensation therefor and leave_ of absence, by any perslpn or groups 0 persons in said postal servince, or the pret' n 0 or rsons o any grievance zingrioiarilceasnzosxa elrlrgairnlypilemgr thereof shall not constitute or be cause for motion in r?rn•lr or cpimpensationrplr rungilgval Bum cm. f 1; u s 0 m san service. e 0 Lit; %°¤‘§§i‘3,‘L£rg{.? dire si-’°;¤”$;‘§'§-is of no ones sm., earner mane rm individually or collectively, to petition Congress, or any Member thereof, or to furnish information to either House of Congress, or to any committee or member thereof, shall not be domed or interfered ' h. mgm. 7. That after September thirtieth, nineteen hundred and l.,£‘""" "‘" “°"` twelve, the Postmaster General may appoint railway ppstol clerks ID ofjmyff **‘•"°' such manner and of such respective grades and s aries as may be vo1.¤,p.1su. rovided for in the annual appropriation acts for the serv1ce_o the gust Office Department, forfgliie puylose of aug, dxstrigutmg ‘ ‘ t -0 ce rmnn an $$..'l”0§c.iT".§?r$;r%a°?; {1.., 1'§.§”?§ élivisilon gamma. d chi ks, transi r an suc 0 er services

   th¢imRail:vay Mdil Setivice. Such clerks glmll bg ,°,,,,°°"',,“‘,,,,‘{{ '*“"•’

designated as railway postal clerks and shall be divided mto_the followinglgrades, with corresponding salari »: per annum not exceeding theggd owing rateszt _ _ h doum Bdaduofgnds , thexceeding mne undred · Grad: ilvliii, ist hit exceeding one thousand dollars. Grade three at not exceeding one thousand one hundred dollars. Grade four iat not exceeding one thousand two hundred dollars. Grade five,,at not exceeding one thousand three hundred dollars. Grade six, at not exceec¢;i:1g one thousand four hundred dollars. Grade seven, at not ex mg one thousand nve hundred dollars. Grade eight, at not exceeding one thousand six hundred dollars. Grade nine, at not exceeding one thousand seven hundred dollars. Grade ten, at not exceeding one thousand eight hundred dollars. Chief clerks, at not two thousand dollars- _ _ ummm of _,_ The Postmaster General classify and Hx ¢h¤ ¤°1'“'*°€ °l ¥"}*lw“Y ¤1¤·•¤=.¤¤¥»¤¤¤¤· postal clerks under such r?ulations as he may prescribe, mdthe; grades provided by law; an for the purpose of organization an 0