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SIXTY -SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 143. 1913. 795 of $300 shall be made where the salary of ' $1,100, or $1,200; nor in excess of $400 wheti? tg? d•Ta·1?ytB;f1:hfa1po•(;•t: °l:u'?"¤“. M ¤¤\¤*·¢1’ is $1 300, $1,400, or $1 500; and that no allowance in excess of $500shall lremadewherethe salaryof the postmaster is $1600 or $1,700; nor m excess of where the salary of the postmaster is u*80Q.°" *1»99°= AM P"W'·d¢dfw’”¤¢f, That the Postmaster General what postmasgnay, in the disbursement of tlus appropriation, expend not exceed- m' mg $400,000 for the employment, at a maximum salary of $600 annum, of assistant postmasters at post offices of the third cg where the salary of the postmaster is 1,800 or $1,900 per annum. For rent, l;ght,_and fuel for first, second, and third clam post offices ht NIM. ma {,4,800,000;: fr<;¤Ldcd, That the Poptmasg General may, in the dig: '°};..;.,_ ursemen o eapproriaion orsu \l1£0S€9,8 l a art Til 1... thereofto thep ofIle f¢ii·teuseoi)I];oysto£ces nu 2; gc iirsg, sewn ¤;d thug c at a reasonable annual rental, '¤·¤¤¢¤¤¤¤¤ an qu yora rmnotexceedmgten earsthere Sm!] not allowed for the use of any pgltdotég for rent a sum m excem of $500, nor more than $100 for fuel and light, in any one year. For miscellaneous items necessary and incidental to post omces of iuaaauumu the first and second class, $400 000, of which sum $25,000 may be used for the purchase of post·office equipment. For rental and purchase of canceling machines, including cost of °•¤·¤¤s¤•¤ua•. power in rented buildix§p, motors, repairs to motors, and miscellaneous expenses of mst ation and operation, $300,000: Provided, huh That hereafter no contract shall be made for any canceling machine n¤°_"'"‘ for more than $270 per annum, including repairs on said machines and that all contracts entered into shall be let after advertised ° for bids, and shall be awarded on the basis of cheapness an eihciency. _ For the purchase, exchange, repair, and maintenance of mechan· ,.§"°'*""' *=· ical and labor-ssvingéleviees, $50,000. 'l:he_Postmaster neral is hereby authorized to oEer and pay mRgA¤:••¤••p1q· periodically a cash reward for the invention, suggestion, or series of "°°°" suggestions for an improvement or economy m device, design, or process applicable to the postal service submitted bioone or more employees of the Post Office Department which shall deemed the most valuable of those subgnittled apd adopted fordusp; and for lltlgat pu the sum o $10 00 is ere y appro riate : , at ,,,,,-__ to obtain this reward the winning suggestioii or invention must be an one that will clearéy eifect a material economy or increase efliciency: Prmridedfurther, at the sums awarded tp employees m accordance Awww envy. with this Act shall be paid them in addition to their usual compensation: Provided further That the total amount paid under the pro- ‘·*”**°•“°°* visions of this Act shall not expiefeg $1,000 in ;n'yh1;¤on'{._l£ or for any wan of * one invention or s estion: prom? u r, a no em- , I •¤ ployee shall be paiduigreward under this Act until he has properly qua °°°` executed an agreement to the effect that the use by the United States of the invention, suggestion, or series of sngtgestions made by hun shall not form the basis of a further claim 0 ang nature uppn the United States by him, his heirs, or assigns, and t at no app cation foxirpatent has been made for an&snch mvention. _ _ _ or pay of letter carriers at offices already established, including £<::l’_f•¤!· Substitutes for letter carriers absent without pay, and for the promo- rmmseaaa tion of sevent -five per cent of the letter camers m first-class post ofiices from tlie fifth to the sixth grade and for the promotion of seventy-tive per cent of the letter carriers in second-class offices from the fourth to the fifth grade, City Delivery Service, $35,36}),000: Provided, That after June tbirtieth, mneteen hundred and thirteen, {,’*_';•*g muuma substitute letter carriers in the City Delivery Service and substitute ipfmgpxeyu amen: post-oflice clerks employed in first and second class post offices shall "’·