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796 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Cr:. 143. 1913. be at the rate hog Trty cents an hour when working for a carrier bs t 't a . ny or ummm or'l:‘li}dt dubsciitiiiix calirieprsyand substitute when assigned to l:e4°E’2{Z°°° °° "` perform the work of regular employees absent on vacations, or when perform1.n' g auxiliary or work., shall be sud at the rate of “:plp.¤:i¤¤¤c¤¤ ¢¤ 30 wuts an hour. Every substitute carrier ang substitute tpostmmm office clerk who has served as such substitute for a period o one V°‘·“·’·“°°· year or more shall, when appointed to a regular position, receive the salary of a second grade carrier or clerk, $800 per annum, as rmtial salary, and all other promotions shall be regulated according to the classification Act approved March second, nmeteen hundred and en. . · s¤¤¤¤¤u.¤•¤· Sailor pay of substitutes for letter caniers absent with pay, and of auxiliaig and tempo letter carriers at olslices where city delivery is alrea y establis edt;“;,285,000. ¤°"°‘“°°* For pay of letter carriers, substitute and auxiliarg letter carriers

t7g>i§§)es where (hty Delivery Service is established. uring the year,

¤°”' ""°·°‘°· llior liorse~hire allowance, the h1rmg' of dnj and the rental of C r an md M_ vehicles, $1,530,000. _ qyelzn. For car fare and bicycle allowance, $475,000. ,§$°°‘ “' °°“°°' For street-car collection service, $10,000. ··=·"°""“ ""' ""` i¥°' p°".i’§f.£i”°‘ ‘”°““"‘}"1i’°’a3?’5°%¤n sem- , A 1.. gunman ormc1 expensmo_ e ty v , " freight a.nd_ drayage on egmpment, fnzrmturzv and supplies, 25 erecting, pamtmg, and repamngletter and package boxes and posts, repairing clocks and other uemmpment, and for the purchase and exchange of time recorders maps, $50,000. · wmeaeuven. $$451;) (par fare for special-delivery messengers in emergency cases, ’°°'· N No For fees to special-delivery messengers, $1,800,000. _ ···"‘$=**····- h3, °‘§€2`é'E;‘2."‘Z.¥ a' me m..d¤%”Z%§2iT£§ ri1‘.$2.l‘Z"§..?%$ iZ[£1?.%$’; Q engtledptio liree·gel1veryuservice,_$150,000: h al TM ·¤*¤· o tr-ave an misce aneous ex es in t t sei-uu' of th; First Assistant Postmaster gziiseral, $1,030gfw , Omoo Second Adntant ,,mmm°mm,_ orncr: or me sncoxn ASSISTANT POSTMABTEB cannula,. "•“"*°’P°"*"°°; For inland transportation by star rout A1 k , $450 0 ,

 Provided, That out of   appropriation the; Pudstmalgtdi Geneiafgs

°""'” authorized to provide difhcu t or emergency mail service in Alaska, including the estabhshgnent and equipment of relay stations, in such St Mm an mripnner hg rpray thuik advislablc, withlpgat advertising therefor. ¤·¤ - -- or an anspor ation y steam at or other -bc sm-ace. power at rou tes, $910,000. awww ems. For mail messenger service, $1,900,000.

  • f¤•=¤¤·°° *¤‘>• For the transmission of mail by neumatic tubes th ‘

°i°5.,,,,,:_me" md devices, $96;,200: Provided, {Phat gre personnel of gleomegiliirglliig ccuqgmiom com cj the committees and commissions created and provided for in sec. anim. Wwim tions one and eight of the Act entitled "An Act making u pmpria. · nuns for the service of the Post Office Department for the iigca] year ending June tln1't1eth, nineteen hundred and thirteen and f pu ses " approved August twent —fourth nin tee , h or other twglife, shall continue with the sarriis authoiitiesi poliverlguiiliidl visions for expenses until final report is made to Cong;-css, which 8%,,]] www smm be made on or before March fourth, nineteen hundred and fourteen Bm] hm. M For regulation screen or other wagon service, $2,000 000, ' Fm mm] b'§¤» metal fo1‘ mail-bag attachments, cord fasteners label cases, an material necessary for manufacture and repair-inc of equipment, and for incidental expenses pertaining thereto, $355,5:00: