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SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Suse. III. C1;. 143. 1913. 797 PfWW¢d, That out of this appropriation the Pos ‘ mm authorized to use so much ofp&e gum, not ga]; mgiiim dii'i1•°°l°:K be deemed necessary for the purchase of material and the manu- P”•:_¤a64}_1¤ f§<>¤{1‘¢ 1¤ the mul- ag repair shop of such small quantities of dis- M tmctive equipments as may be required bizther executive departments, and or service in Alaska, Porto ° o, Philippine Islands Hawau, or other island pomessions, and for such special equipment for testing and for other purposes in connection with the reduction in theweight of mail ~ . or compensation to a ed in the mail-b re air maroonat Washmgton, District of Chicago, I]1i;%is,g1()8sg;iT . Fer ¤·¤¤¤. liehtjvel, electric power, ma incidental expenses,per- ¤·¤¤¤»·m· -¤·». taining to themamtenanceofasubworkshopforthempairofmail(¤"°°?° eqinpment at Chicago, Illinois, $2,400. or mul locks and keys, chains, tools, machinery and material *¤¤¤·¤n.•w necessary for manufacturing and repairing same, and for incidental expenses pertaimng theret»o;alsoformagh".1(:;‘$in themaiblockrepair shop such metal attachments as may be ed for use in the manufacgure and repair of msiillbeaquipment, $15,03% or compensation to r employed in mail-lock re sho ¥¤¤¤¤¤p•innq». at wnnngm, District of comma, szaooo. Pm P ‘“*· , _For mland transportation by railroad route, $51,500,000; Pro- ii?v"“a¤L”°_' ended, That no apart of this appropriation shall be paid for carrying Hung; mn: the mail ova- e bridge across mtliile MisaissippiBl£lver at Saint Louis, i°¢r_¤?'°' I ° nm" Missouri, 0 er than u n a eage basis: , promded` , ¤,,m'•°• •*• •*¤-· That the Postmaster Gepiieral may in his discretion pay e ¤·· EMU"' present law a fair and reasonable price for the special transfer and terminal service at the Union Station at East Saint Louis, Illinois, and at the Union Station at Saint Louis, Missouri, including the use, lightinlgoand heating of the mail building and transfer service at Saint uis, Missouri, rovided the amount so paid shall not exceed $35,000: Provided £0u.rt£r, That on account of the increased weight of mails resulting m the enactment of section eight of the Act of v•¤•¤v¤•¤ Mt August twentgifourth, nineteen hundred and twelve, making. ap ro- j.4.,,_w_ priations for e service of the l’ost Office Department for e goal ear ending June thin-tieth, nmeteen hundred and thirteen, the hostmaster General is authorized to add to the compensation paid for transportation on railroad rou tes_ on and after July first, nineteen hundred and thirteen, for the remainder of the contract terms, not exceeding five ger centum thereof per annum, excepting upon routes weighed since anu first, nineteen hundred an thirteen, and to be read'usted fromailiil Erst, nineteen hundred and thirteen, until 1 Y . . . otherwise provided by law: And provided further, That the joint com- ,,,‘f,°{“:,'*;.*',§,_°,}’,,r*,•,; mittee to make inquiry into the sumct of postage on second-class newton an num mail matter and compensation for transportation of mail pro- °}'$f‘Y:i°&" vided for b the Act o August twent&·fourth,_mneteen hundred and twelve, sm make an inquiry into e question_of the transportation of second-class mail matter in fast freight trams and the manner of handling incident thereto, and report upon the same and the best method of effecting its discontinuance if such be found advisable. ‘ on wml ‘Fcr pay of freight or egpresege eww cggisdgotgmmd envelopes, ma ea ne aerwra rs,an cm m ags, , ._ _ Ei? riiilway lyiiigt-office carpservice, $5,000,000: Pr0vuZed,_ That no ;¤§°°"’°°° °" ’°" part of this amount shall be paid for the use of any car which is not _ sound in material and construction, and winch is not_equ1pped with §)'°ugy;m, mmf, sanitary drinki¤g—water contamers and toilet facihties, nor unless ws. such car is rgzlarg and thorouglfglfy cleaned._ _ _ Ramwar 11. mzvicmz For teen division superintendents, at mF*”"·Y md $°”· $3,000 each; four assistant superintendents, at $2,200 each; fifteen wngnanu superinasistant division superintendents, at $2,000 each; one hundred and .,{L,°°°‘ '“ “""` twelve chief clerks, at not exceeding $2,000 each; three hundred and °‘¤*¤·