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798 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 143. 1913. thirt ·four clerks, grad ten, txiot exceeding' $1,800 h; thirtee humgsd and ninety clssks, Eustis nine, at not exceedin;·:1,700 each': four-! hn:•dr·etg and two cler h, grade eigéitéigtnot $1,630 eac ; ssvm an y~·ergh' t c , seven, at not exceeding $1,500 each; two thousand thrlge hugged and ol1er·ks(ir§;·sde(;ix, at mt $1,400 each; five ousan twoun snninet-two ,§d`fi,t t exceeding $1,300 each; three thegssnd six lnm edo ang, lilt -1;;: clerks sde four, at not exceeding $1,200 each; four hundredyand , cleriygrade three, at not exceeding $1,100 each; one thousand §'¥'33¤“““d'“.u¤.¤?‘ae..n“°”'?rY.3;°l»‘5¤'3’r..€°“% E2" rz £° °’§§°°‘”"‘ a ; lll l' , ap•n¤¤¤ at not exceeding $900each;, inall, $24,969,990; arld the e. grinllrrgdlrlt and sssignmignt of clerks hereumlershall be somade duririgwthe fiscal .,.L T, ?."§""‘¤..'°*'1·°.T.r¤.r.."""°"% t..°**’°“,..£:.‘=.2•,““‘“,.1.,..a'*:‘;if.‘:“.:; rarlwayapostal clerks and mab necesary appointments and promotions, mayexceedtlrenumberofclsrksmsnchof the sdes as ..,·i'£··-····*·· md *22 “°°°“°"».mmi¤i’”“""'.¤¤;*31‘ ’T.`§°¤..a,d“““”?’p».».d..;°' °*°'“M.,i“ 'ii W ,,,,‘§,°",,‘},;':,,'{,{,{,°•',§ Ezreaftsr the Postmaster General may, in dbcretien, nnddr sucll v¤*¤¤¤- regulalionsashemay provide,al1ow¤rynilwaypost•l•ilu·kwhoh not entitledhto anrixual leave unda odrsr provnion of law leave of absencswr_ pa or_apenod_ notex¤eedmgtlnrty° da 'th

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to§rovideasubstituteat U ud, M ’!'¤*¤¤ ·¤¤*•¤¢¤ or travel allowances to railway postal clerks, acting railway postal clerks, and substitute railway postal clerks, including substrtute railway clerks for railway postal clerks granted leave with T-vunnmu psy°¢;nt:-ccoun 0 :1,465,030 _ §”;::h For substitutes for clerks ot: vacation, $85,000. ’ ,67,500. ·>······»··» .¤..‘£}":t;?,‘hfi»‘°¥»Z',,r...“ "223°¤:f °‘°‘}"¤.‘L*.,.2“"‘°*§1t‘?°¤%""“°‘*.,,,..""*"°, °¤ ence. » V6 0 8 ’ Enod of disability but not exeeediraf ongoyvdlar, thenpsztlre rateudl _t_y pei- centum ot the clerk’s snnu salary for the period of diss. hihty excseding one ear, but not exceeding twelve months addi- ,,:•,_{f¤*¤°• *¤ °•-•· °' tional, and to enable tile Postmaster General to pay the sum of $2 000 which shall be exempt from payment of debts of the deceased to the legal re resentatryes of any railway tal clerk substitute railwa postal or post-0Ece inspector whlrsshall be killed while on d ty or who, being while on duty, shall die within one e thu y "·•*·"··•········== mir '°,§§ T $1*** °°°*¤ him, $130,000. Y " °'°' _or a an necessary expenses, eral pen']; sesmtant general sugermtendent, divisiogaguperirlgendentgendaesldlstalliill division supermten ents, and chief clerks Railws Mail Se ` wd railway postal clerks while actual] lz ‘ y · mw Llgdgolst Oi’rlcss81?)e(§>&·tmerit and sway frgm v:r1lilbdlBes1gnlpw:t:d¥ umsxnmeem For mm, light 'fu tel h . ggguaw {5?gi02w““m°%”r‘.$f§Sd§§'E°?,??;€ii§“2`;, , , ,mcu rentslofofficesf d"' h ,,_ M ,h§t£?a;“§$uL€§_ °‘°’*‘ §£f*·y M··1 S·me»,°i¤ `$’.‘,,1,°",,,g,,,,,, supsnnzsuqgm OT PGP itil}! allowance of four ‘ gmt · gggglfydgrayemgags cggiciall businessusdzvsy fxzllrldmtlllhlriuggxsntz, the P0stm8Ster,G€mmlcl]1i0t6¤tr•dquutem, et a rate to be fixed by mcusuy cmcm npomés not mgm $3uwper day,_ and for their