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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 143. 1913. 799 For inland transportation of mail b electric and cable cars ¤•°¤‘*¤ •¤¤ ¤•¤• $$47,400: Provided, That the rate of corzrpensation to be paid per m2»¤°°"a?” mile shall not exceed the rate now paid to companies performing ‘“°•°‘P•¥· such service, except that the Postmaster General, m cases where the quantity of mail rs large and the number of exchange points numerous, may, m his discretion, authorize payment for c osed—pouch serv- 1ce at a_ rate per mile not to exceed one-third above the rate per mile now paid for closed-pouch service; and for mail cars and a artments carrying the mails, not to exceed the rate of 1 cent er lljuear foot per car-mile of travel: Provided further, That the rates Ifor electric-car °'“'“°°‘ °*“°’· service on routes over twenty miles in length outside of cities shall not exceed the rates paid for service on steam railroads: Provided however, That not to exceed $15,000 of the sum hereby appropriated °“"’““ °°°‘““°"* may be expended, in the discretion of the Postmaster General, where unusual conditions exist or where such service will be more expeditious and efficient and at no greater cost than otherwise and not to wsszglrzirhuln °‘ exceed $100,000 of this appropriation may be expended for regulation, screen, or motor screen wagon service which may be authorized in lieu of electric or cable car service. , F nm For transportation of foreign mails, $3 900,000: Provided, That num. the Postmaster General shall be authorized to expend such sums as °" """‘ may be necessary, not exceeding $112,800, to cover the cost to the United States of see-pggt serv1ce on steamshi convey- ing the mails, and not exceeding ,100 for transferring Ee foreign Y;*{' mail from incoming steamships in New York Bay to the steamship and me Honolulu. railway piers, for transferring the foreign mail from incoming steamships m San Francisco Bay to the piers and for transferring the foreign mail from incoming steamships at Honolulu from quarantine to the piers; also for transferring the mail from steamshgps perform- <>¤¤¤·•¢r¤•i1. ing service under contract for transporting United l»8l»88`m81lZ Prmnkled, That hereafter acting clerks may be employed in place of m¥g:·:&\1¢r •\1¤~r clerks or substitutes injured while on duty who sha _ be §ranted leave ‘ of absence with full pay during the gpriod of disab ity but not exceeding one ear then at the rate of ty per centum of the clerk’s annual salary for the period of disability exceeding one year but not H I umm exceeding twelve months additional, and that the Postmaster Gen- ’ ‘°"' eral may pay the sum of $2,000, which shall be exempt from payment of debts of the deceased, to the legal representative of any ssa-post clerk or substitute sea-post clerk who shall be while on duty, 3- who, blping inyureid wlilile on duty, shall die wrthm one year thereter as the resu t o suc in'ury. _ _ _ For assistant superintendent, Division of Foreign Mails, with ,,,,’f,,'=',f"‘ """"‘ headquailters indblev; York, N cwtforkégggtg d M For b ances ue oreigncoun ries, _, . _ , ¤° For travel and miscellaneous expenses m the postal service, office d¥:•v•1,etc?` of the Second Assistant Postmaster General. $1,000. ounce or um rman assrsraxvr r>os·rr¢as·m:¤ onxman. mT&¤¤;¤¤A:d·=§¢P¤ For manufacture of adhesive postage stamps, special-delivery s"“”\’* stamps, books of stamps, and for coiling of stamps, $822,000. stm For manufacture of stamped envelopes and newspaper wrappers, :g·mP•_L;'?g¤i 1 664,000. , . . s l¤`or pay of agent and assistants to examme and distribute stamped ¤*·¤¤>¤¤°¤•¢•¤¤r- g3vgl¢)pes0l;p)d$1?126vg’I(3%)>&pet wrappers, and expenses of agency at I D y p · llliiluianirfactme of postal cards, $335,000- ’°"“°“"‘ For ship, steamboat, and way letters, $250. _ _ “*¤‘· °°°· ’°'°°'* For pa nt of limited indemmty for the loss of pieces of domestic ¤••· ,.gsamX'£°am, ram, rum, md msi ems. :00,000.