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HX} SIXTY -SECOND CONGRESS Sas. III. Ch. 143. 1913. For ent {limited imlemn1ty' forthe los of registemed' art°cl Q1!;’tl10 lll2lzD8l mails, in accordance with convention stidul: ns, , . mmm “F tra el and misoellan the service` oili of JIS Thild Assistant P ::dl?$1,wg?“°l , co &*_*g_gggg:,j=* ornon orrnmunmassmrnnmsmasrinemnn. _ summe . F station incl all E $105,000. _,m_;_.'¥..· me F3 einem Ha regitry .mi‘2°,§"2§e S50? °°°’ umq under up- For blanks, blank books, prin and engraved matter, binding ¥'“‘ and carbon the money-order service, $165,000. _ '“"""""""'“° mE" 1'I.'.;‘1‘€“’ an 8 es “"' """‘°" ,€?.‘f.%°' 9* “‘°“M1“§§e“£“t§'b3he?


il;15;°p$tn1aste1;·:to thepn 'u¢:5a&nphletoontaininggener»;lpostal kdm Beds, 0 eous items o immediate necessity for the registry system, $6,500. r¤·»•¤¤¤¤•¤v•¤¤v• F f { ‘ of · m::mm_· m§ t;°a;;§n13%i§¥r manufaotnreofoilicial ·¤v· p or 'very Service inclu ’ ltter be ""' letter-Koxfasteners, boxes, um, °¤¤l¤» W-¤¤·¤•!d ffnm e·reoowdu· eu mm. =~a·n:~ps.,'d-¤·.,.e;;=*:a*=;:.:3¤m°¤.,s,,.,,»°°·*- .t· ,. .,'Z.‘ie,.,,,.,.' `?“"" °`°” same,metal,mbber mm me l10g!:;‘8f1l1k and pads for cancgning purposes, $45&000. - °‘1‘°°"’ WW b¤hn¤¤,·¤cales w repanu to same an for as ensures $115 ooo, ’ ’ Wnnnns mnn Fbxlnwnppink papk, $15,()Q()_ - rwme. em. For wrappmgitwme and tying dqvigg, pgg5,q90_ 1*•¤¢¤¤¤1¤¤•.¤¤=. For facing and including the of p:ipgtfg§ts;·1ne£70 mgm- card labels, blanks, and books an Ihcelltnamu sup- I ° . u., orthepnxrchaseemchange, d fgypowry · P envelopp-openinginulachjnqs, wr;?>udr;§mm&Mng w ;·1:z, nu1nbenng_mac es, and of miscellaneous articles purchased md ,, ¤¤’¤1¤l1 , dlfw service, , ,¤.,"* °°""" '“'* f Supplndee for lzllletltlnlrhsl Servigolgglouding collection box £:i¤i!;¤¤:;,s¤:w1ii¤h, straps, map sugpges, ngpeinng entehels, furnitu:2 es, re au-mg, , · · www mmm in {aha RuralP£•eliveryp§eruce§•°b0,000.·n Puming muwuon boxehanp defragoezgpenses inmdent to the shiplment of supplies, including £¤¤¢¥"f·3d Sfx“gtKZ°rek£?i0$“Yt.?g¤m°’ "Z`5; °’ °“d "`° fi" °$,°“° qi 135,000. in connec on erewi , £0£2·;z.#'L?..%;“*· "°·· “g<g)0i¤¤ee1i¤ wah. wss. me linen mens, image mil Bmw, Sh! mute trnnspor- Flor {nl d . _ uses. P-¤ €§’8118P01’f»8t10u by star routes (ex g s8m·c8 - MM- kg0ulclg$I,%§,dt°l?i·E,°r“ry “°"i°° *0 newly Zgtllitlllisghed Omcégl upmnumnma , . _ , at no part of this appropriation shall b, ie cme by mu ne expended for continuance of an star-ro te 8 um, whichshaubucwad uml Y u_ serv1ce the patron e of . en_ y by the extension of Rural Delzve - tlcsénpirshallmany of said sum be expended for the establisharent of 8 - • • - Rum dm byFRuygrj3l;gg¥2;rywSwBrnf9;°f P¤*==¤¤¤s¤ whwh is &ll’08dy enmgly ggrved cme <>]¤1'k¤ 1% gharg: ogrggplggiagsgniu £‘g`d°?"“P” 011 annual leave, Produ:. Sggvice $47 500 . · ’ cnrlagsr D€hV8Iy Buhnadon exem. ¤ , ,000. Promded, That not to exceed amount here appropriated ma be sed f $@,000 of the m charge (ZY sugsuf · y_ u or compensation of clerks ions. Prmnded, That the appropriation of