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802 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Cx. 144. 1913. ¤!·¤¤¤¥•¤ Improving harbor at Hyannis, Masachusetts: For maintenance, $24,000. · ¤·!¤¤·¥·¤~ Imp harbor at Lynn, Massachusetts: Completing improve- - t, . . · N•¤*¤¤¤¢*· ¥••· malxinproving harbor at Nantucket, Massachusetts: Continuing improvement and for maintenance, $51,312. _ ¤°•=**·¤¤’v¤**·“••· Improving at Newburyport, Massachusetts: Continuing im rovement, , . . ¤¥¤·>¤¤·»¥••· an vxng' harbo t Plymo th, Masachgsetts: Co letmg' ' §rov£°ent m accordarlzlce with rgport submitted in Hous.;pDocum1eI1I:t umbered eleven, hundred and nmety-four, Sixty-second Co , third amsion, and subject to the conditions therein contained . ,,§f'“,,2 “’ °""" Improving Pollock Rip Channel, Massachusetts: Continuing, improvement, $125 000.

Y'“"‘° m"" ugmoggoving Mperrimac River, Mamachmettsz For maintenance,

""“° '“'°‘·°“" Improving Mtystic River, Massachusetts: Completing improvement md mad. R I below thebmou of Island End River, $25 000. ,,,,,,,, ~ Im _ imno r nm nima mess mma Co arenas. , , PI'°vmK Y ° » , : n- mm trnuing improvement, $50 _ . ,,§'°!',,,g,",i',g,‘j‘,,_L L Irnproving Providence River and Harbor, Rhode Island: Co leting rmproggment in dztilriahhe report submittzhd in Ease en um me uu nineteen, ' Coupes, iirstsessio $104,800;nnprovmg' same' rdancewithth rt srlxmittednénixgouse wt Nunrb':r3°j>'l'lri$e&r;“l;:ndr‘;d”I:•nd G mm, s y—mne ·secon ngress, third session, , : Promde•2’ , usa That the Secretary of War may enter info a contract or contracts for such materials and work as may be necessary to complete the said mnt, to be paid for as appropriations mgzfrom time to time be wm by my M ammellig lagggigt tsuefceled m ;h:°aggregate_ ug,800; exclusive of the suunqmreu. ° *PPmPm ? EZTUIW Thatnoworkin theharbor rth fFieldsP' tshall d ’ until the Secretary of Wargrgosligrisgdled tllat the Stag:] and city hg: completed thenrlfuoposed expenditures in the combined Providence and awtucket arbors up to at least $2,000,000, for public terminals ‘ N mma grhoitléler xgdrnanent ppilzlrc improvements: further, ...¤.; a e mate m `ted shall areas city of Providilgze if plans tlgmforizlzgxslbe °:ith loclslmmttdlrg pts whceireby tig at the to the Ugi States will not be increas over a o wing e t . c§.1Y°.§§"{;, R""' _ Improving Pawcatuck River, Rhorlb Island Con- Gmumm em, tmuing unprovement and for maintenance, $6,000, eau 1:32 Ifnzenbrle Rnvsy a;¤dFQreenwich and Westport ·-·········¤······- r..,,m,·..,._, harbor .t"if1i:¤‘L'.i“°°oI§‘..§.,t:L’.‘§€¥‘“1%E‘,£°“““?°* ‘5·°°°· $5 000. , . maintenance, N"' ¤"°“'°°'“" lmpro harbor at N Ha Conn · ‘ ton. an $10,000·E»!;g1mprovernentqr;acc¢:’r?rllance wi°tl>1ut(l1lbtreFb)r1:t1;1i:‘l:l:nitte H Iiocum d ouse ent Twelve hundred and Eftyaight Sixty.

 KIYB, second   thug  |   in au; $90,000. ,

cam. _ Improving; glnnecgzlué $ver, Connecticut: For maintenance of Hmmm mm 1m£;0venren ow _ o , $15 ()00_ em., ’ proving Honsatomc River, Co ti t: Co ' ‘ Immun; can ment and_for maintenance, $20,000.mwc cu utmuing Impmvon lmgroving Mystic River, Connecticut: Completing improvement in

 gndrczdwrthi ttligrriieport submitted in House Document Numbered

U an ‘ . Hmmm S8 Sixty-second Congress, second session, . · - . v r . Z 11]],].]] N Y _ Improving harbor at Bu°§'do?nN1§:vhYc}d;kFCbn5nuit:i.g%1In®i¢I:gm02n9t in accordance with the report submitted in House Docunlent Num-