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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS ke. IH. Ch. 144. 1913. 803 5¤¤égd3lli'gve hundred and fifty, Sixty-second Congress, second session, Inipro·`harb0rtCaV` N · "'- pni;fm6;l::§:§;s,Og•?- 8 mupo uilesnt, ew York. Contmuing im °P•V|¤•¤¤*»N·Y· provmgarrat shmg' N Yk:F “tenau Yhihhl ,.. $20,000; completing improvement ofhhe dlihnnlel up td) Strgt my N Y §:g¥°t11:‘1accordancehwith the reportpubmitted House Document un an t1m·ty_ - ’ -iirs agrees, . third session, $235,700;_in all, $255,700. ’ KW t O0 _ Improving channel m Gowanus Bay, New York; Continuing ¤¤·¤¤•¤•r.N.Y. nmpigovernent of Bay R1&·and Red Hook Gnannels $300,000. nmccprgziaigéo harbor at t Sodus Bay, New York: For mainte- Nf*{,{•* ¤•¤!¤ Bm

 Great South Bag New York: Continuing improvement N°¤•* ¤s¤¤ BUY-

and or mamtenance by dre§1ng and construction of Jetties, $5,000. 'Y° ssltgproving Hempstead arbor, New York: For maintenance, ¤¤p¤•a,n.r. sslggproving harbor at Huntington, New York: For maintenance, summa. nr. lm Jamaica Bay New York: Co tinu1ng’ among ° naar,. S _ _ accorgance with the neportlsubmitted in Holise Bq N Y Fourteen hundred and eighty-eight, Sixtieth Convs, second semion, $300,000, from which amount e Secretary of ar may reimburse hymn: at me the city of New York each month for the dredging and the disposition K? °” °' *""’ of dredged maternal of the preceding month at the actual unit price per cubic yard, place measurement: Pmoidcd, That such cost shall {g“_ff••· not ex _ 8 cents per cubic yard. Improviggoharbor at Mattituck, New York: Continuing improve- *•‘°*°**· NY- ment, $10, . Improving, New York Harbor, New York: For maintenance, in- “•·Y¤¤= ¤•¤>¤·· cluding Am rose Channel, $200,000, and the Secretary of War is *"“"°"°""‘°°* hereby authorized to make such rules and regulations for the naviga· m§g•_: www tion of Ambrose Channel after the completion of its improvement as ` he may deem necessary or expedient to insure its safe use in all kinds of weather, night and day, for vessels under control and running under their own power, and to this end he may, in his discretion, forbid its use to tows of every descnption and to sailing vessels.

 harbor at Ogdensburg, New York: Continuing improve- °¤¤·¤•¤¤•· ¤*·\'~

t 7 0. main, roving harbor at _0lcott, New York: Completing improvement °*•¤•*· N·Y· and dor maintenance, in accordance with the report su mitted in House Document Numbered Seven hundred and eight&,_ Sixty- second Con css, second session, and subject to the con s set forth in saigr document, $4,000. _ _ _ Improving harbor at Oswego, New York: Contmuing improve- °"'¤·N·’· ment in accordance with plan and for mamtenance, $110,000. glmproviug harbor at lattsburg, New York: For maintenance, _*"*°"¤· "-’· 000. lmproving harbor at Port Chester, New York: Continuing improve- ’°'* ¤=•*'· "-"- m°m*· $151°0°· · n¤¤a¤.i¤.r. wldnégmving harbor at Rondout, New York: For mamtenanee, lmproving harbor at Saugerties, New York: Continuing improve- °""'°"*"Y‘ ment and for maintenance, $2,500. _ mn"' I Y Improving Bronx River, New York:_For maintenance, and cen- · ‘ ‘ tinuing improvement in accordance with the report submtted m House Document Numbered Eight hundred and, Sixty- seeond Congreiss, second and sub3ect to the conditions set f rth ' t 13 » - , , 0Im Iiiogalg grgvgiguéreek, New York: Continuing improvement ”""¤'°*'°"·"·Y· and gr maintenance, $10,000.