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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. &ss» IH. Ch. 144. 1913. 805 ggmggzihrscreditandsubjecttohisorderinabauktobedesignated

 Aclggggiy  gow gersey: Iégr maintenance, 35,o0g_ numycr»¤.¤.x.

ver ew : ntcin ' mglgor m °”°Y um! improvement o¤¤p¤mv¤,1r.s. HT0Vmg ¤· *» ivor, New Jerse : Com le ’ ° prov xrrntm. ment in accordance with the report subm.i{ted in Eorzldg NJ' mw, Numbered Seven hundred and fifty, Sixty-second Co second geisgrppé and subject to the conditions set forth in ent, Im roving Hackensack River New Jersey: Oo umm' ‘ g • ¤ mm, m·i»;t?sso,o00M °· mp" ° ° "·’· roving antua Creek New Jersey: Oontinumg' provemen umsaema, , , and fgr maintenance, $15,000. - Im t R J

 Maurice River, New Jersey: Continuing improvement, Hmm mm,¤.:,

Improving Newark Ba and Passaic River ‘New Jerse : Continu- ,,L""",,, ‘• *“ ing improvement in accoiidance with the repbrt submittgd in House m"’fJ` Document Numbered Seven hundred `and seven, Sixty-second Congrem, second session, $300,000. . " Imtproving Raccoon Creek, New Jersey: Continuing improvement ¤§f°°°°" °'°°*· and or maintenance, $13,000. Improving Salem River, New Jersey: For maintenance, $15,000. °"”"""'°'·"·’· slgrnogrgoving Shrewsbury River, New Jersey: For maintenance, N§}f*°*·°¤! Riva Improving Toms River, New Jersey: For maintenance, $1,000. """"“"'·"·’· Improving Tuckerton Creek, New Jersey: Formaintenance, $5,000. N?}'}°"'*°" °"*· $3I£8rov·ing Woodbridge Creek, New Jersey: For maintenance, Nj°°°¤**¤¢• ¢~·¥· Improving Woodbn? Creek, New Jersey, in accordance with the ¤K°°°"“" °"°'• report submitted in ouse Document Numbered Six hundred and thirty~five, Sixty-second Conlgress, second session, and subject to the conditions set ortb in said document, completing improvement, $38,000. Im roving Delaware River, Penns lvania, New Jersey, and Dela- i·)§lf.`§°.i°,i*l’a'g°§‘¤, P . . { . ware: Continuing improvement and or mamtenance from Allegheny •°;_· mum Avenue, Philade phra to the sea, $1,750 000; for maintenance of ° ‘ improvement from Alleghen{BAvenue, Philadelphia, to Lalor Street, Trenton, $20,000; and coms] ting improvement above Lalor Street, *“""°°‘°'*· Trenton, in accordance wi the report submitted in House Document Numbered Eight hundred and thirty-nine, Sixty-first Congress, second session, and subject to the conditions recommended by the Chief of Engineers on page two of said document, $114,000; m all, $1,884,000. _ . . mcabumara Igggroving harbor at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvama: For mamtanance, $5, . _ Improving Allegheny River, Pennsylvania: For mamtmance by ,,_‘”°""" ""'· open-channe work, $2,000. . . . gugxsumzi new Improving Allggheg Rrver, Pennsylvania, m accordance with the m;’,;‘,,,,,,,‘§,,,,°,,,,_ report submitted rn ouse Document Numbered Frve hundred and A·¤•.x»m - fortty, Sixty-second Congress, second session: The proviso attached to e item for this improvement camed in the river and harbor Act approved July twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and twelve, that the appropriation of $300,000 therein contamed be made subject to the condition that local interests should contribute an e<¥ual_amount, is hereby revoked, and in lieu thereof the expenditure 0 sard $300,000 _ is II.l8,dB to lSh8 MHOWI-? GODCIIFIOHZ Th8b DO yodigclitwm cg of said amount shall be exper: ed until the Secretary of War all ;j1g:;*P¤¤\>¤¤*· have received satisfactory assurances that the channel spans of the bridges forming unreasonable obstructions to the navigation of the Allegheny River at Pittsburgh will be modified as recommended by a