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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 144. 1913. 807 Imllrovlng River, Virginia: For maintenance, $1,000. °¤·¤¤¤¢¤i¤wrNa Improving Pagan R1ver,·V1r§a: For maintenance, $1,000. . Pmnmvesva $2§mg(1;oving Rappahannock er, Virginia: For maintenance, m$:ry;:¤•¤¤~•k Improving Upper Machodoc Creek, Virginia: For maintenance ¤ pu www $3 200 · ¢r·&.v. Improving inland waterway from Norfolk Virgm' ia to Bc, rt, www rmur Inlet, North Carolina: Continuing improvemiant in accordance uvfith ‘°B°°°°"i"l°° the report submitted in House Document Numbered Three hundred and nmetqione, Sixty-second Congress, second session, $800 000: Provided, at no part of this amount shall be expended the g@,,,,,,mh" canal and gppurtenant propert belo to the Chesaxake and ofcnapeanmen. Albemarle anal Company shalfhavelgg acquired by e United °°°"°°°""L States by purchase m accordance with the agreement entered intobetween the Secretary of War and said company under date of Februarguseventeenth, mneteen hundred and twelve. $5 mgrovrng harbor at Beaufort, North Carolina: For maintenance, ¤w¤¤¤¢.N-c. $1%IIl0g(1;0V'l!1g° Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina: For maintenance, ¤¤¤f¤¤1¤1n.N.c. Iin rovmg` harbor of refuge at Ca Lookout, North Carolina: ‘f°P°I·¤°*°¤,¢·¤»¤-. Contiiiuing improvement, $500,000: Pgsvided, That the Secretary of h.P¥¤:: War may enter mto a contract or contracts for such materials and °°°°'°°` work as may necemary to prosecute the said project, to be paid ‘ for as appropriations may from time to time be made by law, not to exceed m the aggregate $600,000, exclusive of the amounts herein and heretofore appropriated. _ Improving harbor at Morehead City, North Carolina: For mainte- "°'“""°°“’·”·°· nance, $2,000. _ _ Improving Bay River, North Carolma: For maintenance, $1 000. W '“'°’·"·°· Improving Cape Fear- River at and below Wilmington, Nzorth ,,P(§f¤’° ’°"’ N"'- Carohna: Completing im movement, $352,940. $1I?)groving ishing Llieek, North Carolina: For maintenance, ""“°*°'••*•"-°· _ Improving Neuse and Trent Rivers, North Carolina: Continuing m’§§,‘:_',}_3{‘°’ """' imiglovoznent and for maintenance, $12,000. proving New River and waterways to Beaufort North Carolina: ,,f' °" ”",§',§§‘,§ Continuing improvement and for mamtenance of New lfiver and of f¤ri.°i:`d' inland waterways between Beaufort Harbor and New River and between New River and Swausboro, $5,000. _ _ Imggoving Northeast, Black, and Cape Fear Rrvers, North Caro- ,,§'_‘{fg"‘· "°··""‘ lma; or maintenance of improvement of _ Northeast and Black Rivers and of Capo Fear River above Wilmington, North Carohna, $1Iin0g2oving Shallotte River, North Carolina: Com§le ve- ”"'”°'“"*“"'·"·°· ment in accordance with the report submitted in ouse ent Numbered Seven hundred and twenty-one, Sixty-second Congress, second session, and subject to the conditions set orth m said ocument, $9,845. _ Mmmm N G Improving South River, North Carolina: _Of the unexpended ,,,0,, A,,,,,;,_· balance of the appropriation made by the river and harbor act vox s¤.p.m approved June twenty-Efth, nineteen hundred and ten, for rmprovmg South River up to the town of Aurora, $6,092.20, or so much thereo as may be necemary, is hereby made available for improvement of said river above Auror in accordance with the report submitted m Hons; (gocument Ten hundred and nmety-five, Sixty- _ secon 1lg1'8$ tlurd session. Improving Swift Creek, North Carolma: Fu maintenance $500. ”·°· Improving waterways connecting Core Sound and Beaufort Harbor, s,,§, North Carolina: Completing improyement of channel by way of Tay- Huber. N-e lors Creek, in accordance with the report submitted in House Docu- 87618°—-vox. 37——rr 1--53