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808 SIXTY~SECOND CONGRESS Sus, HI. Ch. 144. 1913. bd'cdFi hundredandf ·secqn<lC0 ess, mind`: andvsihbiot to the eo(i set orth m sudndrocu- MM hm ment, $20,000:_Providcd, Hut any put and spyropnation enc} ""'°"‘ local contribution unerpended m mmm? the nnpmvement 0 said cha:;neltm:{]1l(;et0us•d0}n unprolvgng enlarging the tummg bash ‘ Beaufo . N‘%•¤é••:¤: 1¤*¢=· Rive}, North C•rolina th Carolina: cn•n¤m,s.c. c°£:;mm:;Qg;l:hE}:rw as Cherlegftiyn, South Co1:%le$1ag xmement ·t oot . wma. n•y,sc. Pmféproviug Wmym 3%, Carolina: improvement _ f aintenan . _ s_%{•• P•¤•· 1****- Rive, South Caroline: For maintenance, ¤¤¤·•·i°*·=*·$°· Impr0’ -` php¤>· •f°°"'”'°°°°°` viding fume improvunmt of Archers Creek, S0uth_ , m the river and harbor Act ed Jul twmt -fifth, nmeteen hundred _ *PP¤W I H0 . and twelve, 18 hereby ammded to read as fo ws: ‘ Creek, South CQ0llD.8Ec0I11P]&g improvemaxt m accordance with — gi b1n1tted m Igouse Document Numbered F";;0&10\1l1dl'0d mu. Sggyqgggg gown;] swoon,. : m °m°°'¤idgd,Thattl1elu1drequired= UnitedStatesfreeofcost,audthat·}errnnsionbegrvu1io¤·th•4 g:•p0tv;it_t<:itg:•;td.:•edg•dm¤¤i•he¤- peenslandsfre•e§cesttom . ’“"°°·'*°··“'”* Im San Wateree, dCmgareeB.ivu¤,SouthCamlina¢ Ec` C0n 1mp1·0%ent and fglmaintmnnee, including the Etherville-Minim CreelgCenalandtheCougareeB.iver¤farupasthe "‘°°'g'•§,$,"‘e,L'°,}‘ Gclrrhblzosgmtvgzrderagrgdygd and Alligator Creek, °:iie,?c. South Cm: For maintenance of im%vem9nt of inlend waterws between Charleston Harbor and v1l1e,mcluding branch to gorrisons Landing, $25,000. ·‘ _

  • ”¤¤*'*°‘·°•- Improving harbor at Brunswick, Georgia: For maintenance,

$33,250. . ¤•'•·¤¤*'¤·°* I 'hbotSa ah,Geo':C0l" t. M M N of ItE§’2‘$lf"i;£‘y§15r.f§0:g]¤r.Y.2.“.'i to e..,;€.‘s e4§?&3TR“‘;‘ ‘“°"'°'°"°°“ · '· ro tam a, Oconee, an ulgee ° em, Georgie: °°'°` Contih provement in acconisncemith the regort submitted in House ument Numbered four hundred and forty··three, Sixty·· second Congressysecond session, $40,000: _ 0__'*¤¤¥ M" °'°°*· jmplroving{jBluii' connecting 'Iurtle River and Brunswick erb0r with ttle Setnlla lhver, Georgie: Com let1n§)1£provement m accordance with the resort submitted in gouse ument. Numbered hundred an forty-two, Sixty-second Congress, third semen, . run: l¤v¤·.G•· f Impggzing 512;:r, Georgia: Continuing lmpI'0V6m8¤¢ tljd or mem ennnce, , . 8***** """·°'· Improving Setille River, Georgie: Completing improvement between Burnt Fort and Wsycross, m accordance with the report subggtted m Hémae Documg1htdNumbere¢;;;J)1;s)}r):a)n hundred and thirteen, y-seoqn ngrm, _ session, , . }‘¤.,;"';“‘£‘..¥¥"§§a.. Impqvmc Sevmnnh Rwcr, George: Continuing improvement md 4¤a¤»¤.G•. for mnmtenence above Augusta, $3,470; completxx nmprovemqit AtA§¤I1A. md *°*‘ ¤%*¤¤*·=¤¤¤¤¤ env A¤z¤¤¤¤» $125,000; ni _, $128,470. vu. nu. Improving Savannah lhver at Augusto, Georgm, in gxtmgm gf the roect authorized m the Act of June twenty-fifth nineteen lumdged and ten, in sccopiance with the re submitted in House Document lnmdre&l°dan teen, Sixty-second °°°°`“’°“°""°**- contributed for uid iniprovement by the clty of