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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 144.* 1913. 8(H same terms and conditions, as to such contribution, as arecontained ang trgovided m sand Act of June twenty-lifth, nineteen hundred _ Improving Chattahoochee River Geo and Alabama: Con- °‘***'**°°°'*•°¤*·

 improvement below Columbris, Geo!?gr%a, and for maintenance, er` GL ml M"

Improvmg' Coosa River Geo ’ and Alabama: Com letmg' co - °°°'* ¥!'•*· °•· struction of ock and dam sit Maygs Bar, near Rome, Geo R , $30 cold; mm contmumgymprovement and for maintenance between [gmc, écongra, and _ am Numbered Four, Alabama $25,000; and completing N°°'¤P'•°'¤¢ ¤·¤ construction of lock rn Dam Numbered Four and the construction tum gg 313:5130 Numbered Five, in the State of Alabama, $81,000; in all, Im roving waterwa between Savannah, Geo ‘ and Fernau- '•·¤···v·¤•v~¤· dina, Continurhrg improvement in accordahgslefivith the report mh M '°°°°m°‘ subrrgritipd **1]:: gguse Documenlé N umbere¤§Twelve hundred and thirty- srx, re ngress, secon session 100,000: of p,,.,,,,· ,,,,,,, thisamountsomuchasshall benecessarymay, in al" ` gi§riSecr(e;0ary_of War, be expended for maintenance of harbor at en, rgra. Improving channel between Saint Johns River Florrd' a, and Cum- °*"“"°’~ "*"* berland Sound Georgia and Florida, bi way Sr Sisters Creek, in {gr:}-;|¤:i'g¤=‘i%

 with this report subrprtged in eras gacument Numbered °°

_ undred an mnet -e1gh` , ixty-seeo ngress, second sessron, $50,000: Provided, 'Fhat the Secretary of War may enter into $°‘°°'¤ia. a contract or contracts for such materials and work as may be neoessary to completethe said progect, to be paid for as appropriations may rom time to time be made y law, not to exceed in tge aggregate $51,000 exclusive of the amount herem appropriated. Improving Apalachicola Ba , Florida: lilontinuing improvement ,·,§""‘°“°°" ’°’· and for maintenance, mcluding Channel and West Pass, $20,000. mmm, Hum, Improving Charlotte Harbor, Florida: For maintenance $4,000. ¤•- ' Improving channel from Clearwater Harbor through Roca Ceiga w‘”’.,._‘,’:_';,';',,Q;*’,}',:*•* Bagnto Tampa Bay, Florida: For maintenance, $3,000. ' roving harbor at Fernandina Florida: For maintenance, l°'““°""‘ "‘ including the entrance channel through Cumberland Sound, Georgia and Florida, $40 000. _ www N M Improving Hillsboro Bay, Florida: Completing improvement in ' accor ance with the report submitted in House Document Numbered Six hundred and thirty-four, Sixty-Erst Congress, second session, and subject to the conditions recommended by the Chief of Engineers, United States Army, on p§e two of said document, $200,000. K', Wn N Improving harbor at ey West, Florida: For maintenance of im rovement of the northwest entrance channel, $15,000. _ ,,,,,,,,_ ng fmprovirtrg harbor at Miami (Biscayne Bay). Florida, m accordance with e report submitted in House Document Numbered Frve hundred and fifty-four Sixty-second Congress, second session: The ,dg‘*“·P·’°°· ·¤°¤** proviso in the river and harbor Act approved July twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and twelve, " that no work shall be done by the United States on said project until the Secretary of War rs satisfied that the rtion of the work contemplated in this project to be done by the Florida East Coast Railway Company will be promptly completed, " 1.,,,,,,,, is hereby amended so as to read as follows: Progulad, That no work hgggge }¤"$1¤¤1 shall be done by the United States on said prolectuntil the Secre- "”‘ ‘ tary of War is satisfied that suitable terminal acrhties will be provided as contemplated by paragraph eight of the report of the Board of Engneers for Rivers and Harbors as set forth on page of said ocument Numbered Five hundred and Egy- our: further, That nothing in this Act shall be constru as relieving the dy:_ said Florida East Coast Railway Company from the obligation of mera,.