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812 six·1·Y-sncozm CONGRESS; Sas. III. Ch. 144. 1913. 1n•- Im vm‘ g So thwest Pass, ` pi River: Continuing im- '*s";g.;?é?-I provelgngnt and fe; maintenance, §500 · _ _ d mm whe. 1··· Improving Bayou Tdeoege, Loumana: Completing 1mpr¤v¤m¤¤¢ ¤·¤ for maintenance, $40 · . . · · h ne ¤¤ Te ¤¤¤¤·» `Im v1ng’_ B ou Terrebonne, Louisiana: That proviso m the IZ;. p. 21:2 une- riverpyid harbig act approved July tWmty·£f¢h._!1m°*°¤! hulridigi °**- and twelve, for i1DPl’0Vl§' Bayou Terrebonne, Lo a, beirailn t G No expense me same is herebyxnnend to read as follows: Promded,_ _ a no rum expanse shan yyigunmd by tlzfzuted States far; aoqmring my uu-cd' f 0 IIIIPIOVBIIIE _ _ _ ¤•v¤¤ V¤*¤*“°¤1mI(xb?prr:>qving Bgou {Vermilion and Mermentau River, Louisiana: and Iermentau . . of . t of chulnd ba and Passes of mvenra For maintenance uiprovemeu _ . , _ Y, _ d ”"'°“ "°"“"’°" ““1"...(¤°'“"“"“r..r...1*"°'.,.é‘.,·" '“'i¥’1Z,?'3°fmm’·°2 BI?¤'§` ein improvemen mam 0 . · néfféé. . . . . . Wm ·*°”°°°· Inland aterw fromMermentauRrv¢n-toSabmeR1ver,I»oma1ana }L'.'2°&r;;”?°mv”’ and Tears: Cor:& ve¤ie¤t _ $l90i000= P#‘q*¤d¢d._Th•; "Y';.n"Y•'€.rpn... this amountmayt ap be to anymdgadanggphznfor tlgeectaorggs the waterway a m reeommen Eum th gecretary f W . ¤•¤¤·**—‘=*·*=*··'*`°*~ Rizer, Iouisnaiia, Arlhansaa, Texas, and Oklahoma: °° °n°` Continuing improvement and for below Fultoniérlran- ¤¤·¤¤·¤¤·>¤ 5,000; tin ' rovem or_mamtenan_ on _ i§tité7a•B1;.£?£, Seen er the·Wash1ta nm¤,ps4z,coc; m °•*¤°°¤°"*’"*°‘· Im ,° · Galv ton Channel, Texm: Continuinqi improvement‘ T’ri£a;y-nme¤»¤m1- and fi>>i··°nv::.1i:nten:;n<·:·e under lthe project, gvhgco ggizfgglzx ‘ clmm th;rt,y' ee an o hlhlhdrxgdlgettmwidahom th; inner baiieto Fifty-iiret Street and seven

  • “·*;,,,,“"*’.,,,, Qi-? ;"‘i°,..,,¤."°":§‘*°"‘*.§?‘tr.*;’ .r"*"°¥.$.'2.?§I*I,£‘i.fZ°§:..2i‘3.‘3;‘,¥°2é

hadn. |§ “'°°°°°°‘ €r:a.r the’san:e may be reqhired in the interests of navigation and commerce the western_teu·minus of said channel may be extended to Fifty-seventh Street with a width of one thousand feet between Fifty- iixst anillhftyggzenth §tIrIeetsE as recommeiplgletilréxgl tkindrgpgrllttgubmtted in ouse umen um -61gh , ‘ ·iirs Co , d . ”‘;}··g°&f·*•"“‘°“ Svlgfprowiing zmelzcrblm iiimslziglton Harbor to _Texas City, Texas: y` Contmu.i¥ improvement and for maintenance m accordance with report su mitted in House Document Numbered thirteen hundred and ninety, Sixty-second Congress, third semion, and subject to the mm. conditions theremspecnfied, $500,000: Provided, That the °°°"“'* of War may enter into a contract or contracts for such materials and work as_may be necgary to pwtebiaidapirotect, to be {pad fom appropriations may m time _ e m e y aw no exe " th aggregate $900,000, exclusive of the amonmts heretofore and hnerebg appropriated. _ ”{·;.¤g;¤¤¤¤*v°¤•¤· Improving Houston Ship Channel, Texas: The Secretary of War nrecnnc plane may enter into a contract or contracts_for, or construct, two suitable ‘“$'?,{’_".{°,‘Z;“, l?§, tombe·used_for the maiptenalpee of tl? clghanng zvhen e ems contrac aut 0 e o a gizgeig June twe;ntyi£fi;l1;]$1niln§sme;1 hundred and tlfn,5tc;be gig fg; to anyun n anceso a nations to eor igthorizeugi such additgiilégppxpdatzhs atsrsnay from t1!116t»0 e e y aw, nottoexc in eag€·%ate$200,000: nun. Provided, That a like amount f8200,000, f ma mmm lv ·w-·.rn··~sr...,€·’.*n:e*§ p ants, con u an ' t - nel Naviiation District, to be expeynded iiinyvnncgtign with the $200,000 _ erein authorized to be appropriated for the urchase or 1>•¤¤¢¢¤¤¤¤¤•·L constructton of said plants: Prwéled further, That before