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814 SIXTY -SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Cx. 144. 1913. 'f;f•**¤*·¤*"'•'°’· Improving inland waterway on coast of Texas: For maintenance of improvement of that section of the waterway between West Galveston_Ba.y and Brazos Rrver, $10,000; contimung improvement and for mamtenance Brazos River and Matagorda Bay $25,000; and completing improvement and for maintenance of duadalupe B Rixf up to Vérggwria, §15,000_i_in F •v¤¤· proving ress ayou, exas uisiana: or maintenance T¤.•¤d IA. 2 $500. . ”<{j•:_}g¢L_ Rh"- _ Improving Ouachita River, Arkansas and Louisiana: Continuing maemaoa. improvement by the construction of Lock and Dam Numbered Three, $175,000; for maintenance of im movement b 0 ·cha¤nel work u P . Y Pm g $25,000, and from Camden to Arkadelphia, $2,500; in al}:

  1. ,,L,P‘F'E,1f,',¥’]$,{; Arkansas River, Arkansas and Oklahoma: For maintenance of unproyement, mcluding works at Pine Bluff and the

_ ope;-auon_of dredging plant, $48 000. hL¤g$:_¤¢ ¤¤¤¤ Improvn:iArkansasBiver Arkansas: Completing improvement by pioteetingth of thereof in front of the Craw:ford·County yee,_sou an uremmsectionsei tltlw andten° to alnp eight north, range thirty west, whiihh bball traordinary emergency work, $30,000. This appropriation shall be §f.?°“d°‘£.£‘°¤£,%°‘$°’.§é’“..¥&“°‘”‘°¤¤r¤.“ ??,¤Z‘f‘€.?"b'Z"“ °‘..°& ‘¤Z°'°£°eM' ·i“ f J W · PNP y __ Gahtklvu. Ark. 0 Im . * . ‘ · proviugilaqhelhver Arkansas: F mam' tmane•,$2000. m?g,*:r'1l.°°h' °°°" _ ImPY°VmB Sami _River Arkrausas: For of Epngogregeggocf Samt Frame and? Lzsnguine Rivers and Blackfish %**}m°:K%§f*:{·L River, Arkansas: For maintenance, $3,000. mnnmu I1¤P1’°’V!¤g Wh? River, Arkansas: For maintenance, $20,000. · ?1`h1fe_B1ver at Bluff, Compéeting g•ocument T·:3lveb t?n.iI:g Sixtlyisectiisd ¤8¤’°°¤» semen, su ]ee e co `tions therein specified 88 000. , · ¤;?_*,},1';{":Q°:,:|"§‘§f m§P¥'°VI¤cg Current Rivers, Arkansas and Missouri; For m;,“’ $,,3:; Improving Cgmberland River above Nashville, Tennessee: For =···¢··=~·········- ’““f2,““‘{..°§ °e.‘““l’.‘E.‘§I$°“r¥i"’ °’£Zl‘“‘“$'?2'».I41'i’¤""·}5.,.’°°°‘ . _ VCT OW { hugh mma maintenance of improvement by open·channel wosk, $5,000. For mm, nan. m°I::P:·:1$-ng FN¤QhtB!'0$d R1;81] T0cl;10Sse0: Continuing imglrggfl _ or mam enancw ’6 Broad and Little n T mm. ‘»R1f;rs, $15.000. _ . PWM: T emo Br , T msee . mm. S35§;££ZZ?;·;?$h°H‘:g“B‘;£“”$it:`];::?La’“;n:“E;g:uI·§5i ouse md muy, Sixtrmcoud C0 slgciigglg B umbered Three hundred Chsmm Tum bet easinln, as follows. Above Egmzzmgnpmd, n.b.e.6°;e85Lé%°;£ ar€?3,‘I.3§’°%°%}ZIii‘§ ..,4 ( ohh. mg, Ow vcrton, Algbgmm, u. PWVPIQ hB1'b01’ it Gvelmd, Ohio: F gm °““‘°"‘·°"’ $2§g5•3ving harbor at Conneaut, Ohio: (?;.n?::1Tng

2; ) <>¤¤¤- hm-bor at“P%tl£h;i.into(§1f..l?hio:,For maintenance $500

‘ r 0 ’ • : pl , • I • ‘ $1I•gipl'0';'l11g Ohio Ifiverz Continuin im Improvement, tion of locks and dams with a viewgto