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816 SIXTY·SECOND comrmss. sas m.· cu. 144. mz. ¤¤¤·¤¤·'¤ harbor , Wisconsin: Continuing improvement ` d mam' tenamee . _ _ ém¤n•y.wn. harbor at,Green Bay, Wisconsin: For maintenance,

•..,wa uI’m)%oving harbor at Kenosha, Wisconsin
For maintenance,

$24, . ~ _ , n•¤¤»,w¤ Igggrovingsharbor at Kewaunee, Wisconsm: For maintenance, Wasn wannumea, wlmprovrng harborat Port Washington, W`uconsin: For mainte- $4,500.` _ _ _ _ pmwm, wa Iflllncgiroving harbor at Port W'mg,;W'1sconsm:-Contrnmng improve- .,.,0,.., mi.? ‘“" ‘°'1;'*.?i$‘“t“£*t,,,.¤’*°*°°°‘w · C., I · · vt at ‘ a e rsconsmz mp e rm ro ' with the modified Woot recommtgrged in the Annual Repo&t)0of the Chief of Engineers or nineteen hundred and el $237, . _ ~ _ mmvnwk harbor at Two Rivers, Wisconsin: For maintenance, $4, · V namviavu Improving Fox River, Wisconsin: Continuing improvement from De up to Portage, including maintenance of ent of Wciliuéivegoand of the harbors heretofore improved on W`mne- 20) ° i • mmm an sm- harbor at Duluth, Minnesota, and Superior, Wisconsm: """ Continuing rmgnvement and for maintenance, $37 _,280. - w•¤¤•¤.¤¤¤¤· Improving anoad Harbor, Minnesota: For maintenance, $2,000- zmwl ¤•v.¤¤¤¤ Improving Zippel Bay, Lake of the Woods, Minnesota: For mamm I the tenance, $1,000. _ · Nam {gg ud Improving Red River of the North, Minnesota and North Dakota. ¤.1>•x. For maintenance, $7,500. _ _ _ rnmm H•r¤<>r» Improving Indiana Harbor, Ind1ana:Completrng improvement and “‘°‘ for maintenance b , $25,000; continuing improvement by the construction ofy a b ater, in accordance with the report submitted in House Document Numbered Six hundred and mnety, Sixty- second Congress, second session, and subject to the conditions set forth in said document $200,000; rn all, $22§,000. m%• ¤·* mw- m· Improving Calumet Ihver, Illinois and Indiana: For maintenance, mm. $20,000: Provided, That the portion of the old channel of the Calumet ,,§"¤",,,,°,},‘,f‘},°§‘,‘$‘,§°,¥ River in sections eighteen and nineteen, township thirty-seven north, www- range fifteen east, of the third pnncx al meridian, in Cook Countly, Illinois, which hes outside of the new c el lines established by the United States and shown on "¥;:£ of the Calumet River, Illinois, from Lake Michigan to Calumet e, to accompany report of W. G. Ewing, United States attorney, to the Attorney General, respecting v cession of right of way for improvement of said river under Act ori "°L°*"1°` Congress agproved July fifth, ei.ghteen_ hundred and eighty-four," and which es outside of the exterior lumts of the tnuningimsin to be estabhshed on said Calumet River in said sections, is hereby abandoned as navigable waterof the United States from and after the time when the United States shall have secured title to the land necessary for the establishment of the tmning basin at some point, to be approved by the Chief of Engineers, between One hundred and thirgeiinth Street and One hundred and seventeenth Street in the city of cage. °¤i¢¤8<>·m· _ Improving harbor at Chi Illin :Of th t ted ·;_··*···~*·j· t m as river me rear iL`$°.;ppm$2’ii Je, ‘1;'€~’.§‘.§“'f6§l1E",`Z,*l,‘?,€.,,,, ..,.£$'{..,¥,.a‘Z“ °' hundred and twelve, for improviu harbor at Clic , Illinois, $100,000, or so much thereof as shallgbe necessary, ma;¥e allotted, m the discretion of the Secretary of War, for the repair of the existin outer breakwater and for maintenance dredging in the harbor· ang the said sum, of so allotted, rs hereby made immediately available,