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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Szss. III. Ch. 144. 1913. 817 andthesecret ofWar' here directedt rtt theH R in — early as pracltligble _ alllsencrolgzhments agdcldobstriictious Oilhsctlig cmmagmcl on Chicago River and its branches together with such encmachments as (nigle madél m alnld along the lake front between Lincoln Park an e ana ate ° e. Improving harbor at Waukm, Illinois: For maintenance, $18,500. "•°*·¤¤¤·m· Improving Chicago _ pas: For mamtenance, $10,000. C¤¤••¤¤—*v¤r.¤1. Improving Illdmoisclgiver, I11mo1s:(.§;n)tb1n0n)1•ng improvement and for m¤°°¤**·*· 111- mam enance ow pperas . md,

 Mississip 1 River   Head of Passes to the mouth of °°¤¤*•5' I  m1;h"

the 0 o River, mcludljng salary , clerical, office, travelingjoand mis- mum enfien. cellaneous expenses of the Mississippi River Commission: ntjn g§‘§ °”"'°' ‘° “‘° improvement with a view to securxl§$1a permanent channel depth ol nme feet, $6,000,000, which sum s be expended under the tion of the Secretary of War m accordance with the plans, specdications, and recommendations of the Mississippi River Commission, as approved by the Chief of Engineers, for the agleneral ixntprovement of gi: nveréxfor the bnriildléng 05 enucgi which?) d becqns1there:l1i8cextr£•;;:·- G,,‘·:',g:u§{‘gf ¤•v¤ aryeergencyoranw_ may oneni e ren reg c iaiono ours weente 0 assesan ··‘ as it- by *:2** W; md *aa;.+·*·* Girardeau, Missouri, and for isurveys, including the survey from tg: Svwm Head of Ifasses to the headwaters of the river in such manner as in their opimon shall best improve navigation and promote the intermts _ of commerce at_ all stages of the river: Pr ° , That of the money f,"?'M";g*~,mu_ et hertipy appropriated no mu<i)ln_as xgay be nec hi)al)1 be °' m the construction o suita e an necessary at an 0 er devices and &e]§)ll&I\CBS and in the maintenance and operation of the com U same: Pmmki furtlwr, That the watercourses connected with said w¤mf° "' ""‘°" nliver agd the harbors (npondit, now under the contr}nl of thin Lliississippi *“°“"°'“- iver ommission an un er improvement to ther wit the mouth of the YazoodRiiv§1=;1 and harbo; at gicksbung, ltgiigsissippii, nvhitgi, wéilth V¤¤¤¤¤¤·r Mwr- . e ne an are ereytranserre t0,an pace uner illlig i;l§n§10l atpd jurisdigtion of, such co8n1n)r1iss§pnb1{n1ny,fi]r& the discreti n o said commission upon approv y t 0 e 0 ngmeers receitwie allotments for im(pi·ovements now under way or hereafter td be und;1rtfal<e]n;rtoT§>1e pan {lor from thnx amount herem azplprpprnatcdz R P urt , at o the amount erein appro riat 100 000 ·*¢¤¤•¤* *~•<· or such sum as may be necessary, shall be expendedp for revettiné and ¤°I°°°` ML otherwise improving the right bank of said river at and near He ena, Arkansas, for thelpurpose of preventing a breach in the levee by the cavin of the b at that point and for promoting the interest of na ition - 'l'“l§e Mississiplpi River Commission shall make an examination of c,I§‘,,"’{§{‘,f,$,{'§’;‘,,,"°,'f,', the Mississi pi iver from Cape Guardeau, Missouri, to Rock Island, *}'_{*•f}u&¤•:Q;,;;>:¤L%· Illinois, with a view to such improvements as will at the same time ew. ’ pgomote nav§'n1tion, enevelog water bpoger, and dprotecgkpropertg a' ntto rive rom amage oods;an mm mgsuc exinxignationizonsidereition shall be givelii and recommendations made as to plans for cooperation bg the localities affected; and for the pur- ‘·°°·‘ °°°P°¤¤¤¤- pose of such examination an for the building of such levees between said points utpon the river in aid of navigation, as may be found necessary or esira e e commission an approv y e e of Engineers the gmb¢§t;1°00 000 is herebyi appro figtled th Chi f Improving, Mississippi River Irom the mouth of tile Ohio River to ,,,{’§',‘§,,§§_§_ °` ‘° ‘° and incluélipg the mouth of the Missouri River: Continuing improveme t n or maint nance, $1,000 000. _ _ Irinpioving Mississippi River from, the mouth of the Missouri River ,,,*,§‘{,’{},Qj‘,?O,}§_‘“°"" to Minneapolis; Minnesota: Continuing improvement and for mamtenance, $1,500,000.