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818 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 144. 1913. neun:. run no ma- River bi)? to Minneapolis, san-vom at new- Imp tn:. :l11;u1mS1B8`lP ° Rivet ’betwden and ”`°”' Pok mvmguervoirs, and ge Leech River from its mouth to Leech

, Minnesota, in accordance with the report submitted m

Qouse Docéugent Numbered Twelve; and twenty-tbree, ¥=¤:¤_¤g; W _ River: and for mma., me sx-memamtenance, with av1ewtosecm1nga$rnianentsix·foot channel °"""'°‘· begleen Cityyédiv the of e rivzr, ;Za000,0Q0, . yn., Missoun er: improvemen maintenance n-ia., mum £ City to Sioux City, $150,000, of which amqnmt at least. $75,000 maybe for such revetment sm, m judgmentoithe_Chiefo_Eng1nee¤, maybgmtlmmtmestsqfnawuon; contmning improvement and for maintenance éy to Fpmm B°“.,..£°i‘¤’...’£‘b.i’°°°’1‘i°°°° s.ay1.“.IS‘Q s2 ’°em."°'°a“"e3*tZ“‘1.g.“*°‘* ‘E.s‘£ _ lnegeney ima sion, 8175,000, of which amount, because of present e "‘“"""‘· amoimt not §75,000 may be expended for such revetment aboveElk, omtasin thejudgrnentof theChiefofEngineersmaybenecnsuytoextendand tectexistingrevetments and techamndHowin theinterestoi’r1i•a tion;inall,$325,000. 'gaeande mm. limfproving Gasc01\•de01%&m·, Mksouri: Contmning unprovement an or , . °""'“'°’·"°· Improving Osage ¤·, Missouri: Contmumg' ’ 1mprovemen' t and f ·mam' tenance, $15 000. _ — "‘¥""’·°" °tI“°""}'?“*’ H““‘°°i°E¢ H$n‘2."’°fm“m° B“l'.:.°£°E““ Qr.1 F'}2&’“5‘2£"°°' nanceo improvemen m n o a, , . '·¤•*¤¤*¤¤·*"°*· Impro’ LosAngelesHarbo,Califrnia:C e' im G"` ment ofl.1h1§thirK;foot channel rby d*9(<l€i¤g. $ll)]l1}300t‘t}]gom£,>}l1el:)i:1°g unggovenrent of east and west basms,_$20,000; in all, §1 1,000. ~°*“•¤°·°•'· provu;g harbor at Oakland, California: Continuing 1mprove·

  • ~"°*~*`*····~¤···= $$2·°%“Jl¤“S.,..”‘€%’·s‘§5§%°.;P.,a.v'°”“4‘§·i%p$D?; *£°.£;1.‘£€‘

tisement for_bids for are not reasonable, so much of the nstru su a e gang an . ?.1'§°t‘1‘£°p"°'°“‘.a"°I£".§o’““ a?§¤“’$¥”J’°i?°§?S“?4iZd“*°’ bf °?"°""°"

   harbor at San Diego, California.: or riiaintenance

$35, _ ; completing improvement m accordance with Ian numbered one m report submitted in House Document Numgered Thirteen -hm..dlre¢:2:.3n<%81é.me, Sixty-second Congress, third session, $208,786; m , , . B"' """° “°’· °•'- %hI;a:lI;lo$§(;iy;z)($!alifornia: For maintenance of channel throu mo e , , . · Brokelumne mm. Improving Mokelumne River, Califo `_: F t , . zrilaalkeyércglama tc ogztsluma Creek and Nap]amIfiver?1Cl:lifl<1ir1i1!l•f:n(ll‘8o1?iii(ei0i1(i— »¤g·¤·····¤ <=»·¤¤. rmprévang neinwma creek, was ‘ ; F · §%'$§.ie¤»c:1¤a _ Improving Sacramento and Fe•th:1rnl{aivem?1C?Hmourhq1:m5§h:i::{3i?d)g °‘ "°"· · improvement and for maintenance, including improvement above Sacramento to Red Bluii in accordance with the report submitted in

t Numbered Seventy-six, Sixty-second Congress, Erst

¤·;¤¤·>·¤·=¤= ¤¤~···-_ Impioviuigsau ‘ Riv ,0am · ; F mm-., · - mms. ee l:;§1]·;‘Y§;!1§g11; d»[]i1J1§SI*?0d0i;.•h8k9, %2‘§m‘f..d MJ€n“§Z°5tL‘;°.}ZE wor or e r ti f ° ’ Mormon Channels, $26,500; complegzng ihip1?ci;#e’m§1til,do?Stii1cnk.%0n md Itiver m accordance with the report submrtted in House Doctixaggiilt Numbered Eleven hundred and twen -fo ' ,.,,,0,,, _ ty ur, Snxtreth Congress second .mw,,,,,,m_ session, 8159,€§32g Pmvukd, That no part of the latter sum shall be expended until title to the land required for the necessary cut.-offs