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820 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 144. 1913. M me ¤°°“*- Improving mouth of Columbia River, Oregon and Washington: Contmuing improvement and for maintenance, including repairs and

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<-`·¤¤¤» proving o ia iver at es, Oregon: ntinuing improvement, $100,0002 _ ‘ ,,,"`,§,‘§,§*,l',°,§,_ B“’i°‘ Imgoving Columbia River between the foot of The Dalles Rapids and e head of Celilo FaHs, Oregon and Washington: Continuing im rovement, $1,200,000. Abm °¤m° '·“= Cogmbia River mddtpigrbutaries abog; Celilo Falls to the mou o iver, Oregon an ashmgton: ntinuing improvement, $60,000. B¤¤¤¤P°¤*°K°*¤¤ Im roving Columbia River between B 'dgeport d K ttl F lls, me wm" Washlingtonz improvement {20,000. an 8 6 a

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nance up urg , Oregon, $25,000. cgggs §;_*:gg,;=,;¤_ Improving Grays Harbor and_ Chehalis _River, Wmhington: For maintenance of improvement of mner portion of Grays Harbor and cc mi l G wm of Ruéeg: ripzto M3ntIecsano,1§§0,000.w C0 V §,_ “_ _ proving W an was 1vers aslnngt.o' : tin ' Ri ° wm unprovement and for mamtenance, including im ergent of Ritvherthmdlatllre North mgjmtgorh of Lewis Ever in accordance wm e p recommen in ouse Document Numbered Twenty- Gm! mm wm ergilgt, Sixty-seéond semionT$23,500. , . * proving rays yer, ashmgto_ n: or maintenance $500. $**¢“ m'°*·W•*'*· Improving Skagit River Washington: For maintenancd, $10,000. ’¤=¤*S°°¤d·W¤*¤· Improving Puget Sound, Washmgton: Continuing improvement W Mcmu Pon and for maintenance of Puget Sound and its tributary waters, $25,000. Towmpd ,,,;.3 0,], Improving waterway connecting Port Townsend Bay and Oak Bay, Bm- “•¤*¤— Washington: Completing improvement, in accordance with the report submitted m House Document Numbered Six hundred and twenty- {ge, Sixty-pecplpd Congrgss, second session, and subject to the conions se_ or m said ocument, $62,500. ,,,,§Yg_gm;{;__ {,*35;; Imxgrcvrng waterway connecting Puget Sound with Lakes Union zrgroyglgpd W•·¤M¤s· and ashmgton: For maintenance of completed works, $5,000: Pro-

 mded, That of the amounts heretofore a propriated or authorized so

"'°**K“’¤· much as shall be necessary may, in the discretion of the Secretary of War, be used for dredging m the channel below the lock to the de th recommended in House Document Numbered Nine hxmdred and fifty- H hu three, Sixtieth Congress, first session. Pggla “· Ilnpprovingtlgarbor ag Honolul? Hawaii: Continuirignimprovement ,,,.,,,8,;, ,,,,,_ an or mam nance, 225,000: , That if ' t f 8 P the Secretaxéif War the prices received in res nel: to adir1 i1]1er(it for bids fofred not reasonable, so muy of the amount herein approprna _ ess a necessa be d d f h mmmmm M ex- or construction of a suitable dre 3plan?{P€n 8 or t 8 purchase sung works Apxpropnatrons made for the respective works herein named, or so muc thereof as shall be necessary, may, 1.n the discretion of the Secipggryfoggga; beksuseg for maiintenance and foxéh the repair and restora- _ _ or w enever rom an ca h be '- ously impaired, as well as for further irlisiierowziinehlombf sgiilnviisslg. gmerizebgies rivlépragnlrehrgxeggpesz To provid; gp; the; restoration of channels or

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or made by the Government, where, by rexnodf ei§:iige1;5?Sihld1i1Ssii1€dl depth_of such channel or customary use of such improvemeiit can n t be rnamtamed, and there is no sufficient fnmd available fo h O,p.u4¤: vcr l'8tl0D,l·h86HS balancesof similar em ‘r we resto- Mqpl mu; VMI asv P` tb Acts f ting! _ _ ergencya pro nations under g15_ vopggl p_§7_ _6 0 Marc thud, Dlnet/OCD huHdI'€d Rnd VB 81'Cl]. SBCO (I _ nineteen hundred and seven, March third nineteen h ’ndred d 'n , and June twenty-fifth d u an ·Dm9’ mm , nineteen hundre and ten shall be available _ for allotment and use by the Secretary of War: Piovzkled, That in no